Tony Snells Writes New Memoir SPITFIRE TROUBADOUR

Tony Snells Writes New Memoir SPITFIRE TROUBADOUR

Having read the harrowing adventures of war escapees from books such as Paul Brickhill's "Escape or Die," Air Commodore Pitchfork's "Shot Down on the Run," and John Folian's "Mussolini's Island," author Tony Snell decided to pen his own memoir about a man shot down in battle fighting to return home, "Spitfire Troubadour" (published by Trafford Publishing).

"Spitfire Troubadour" tells the true story of F/Lt., A.N. Snell. D.S.O., who flew Spitfires in the British Royal Air Force during World War II. While fighting, he was shot down, later mistaken for a spy and sentenced to execution by firing squad. Luckily, Snell survived after being shot five times. Finding his escape, he joined the partisans in Italy.

After the war, Snell became an actor and musical entertainer, playing in countries across the globe and finding residence on a one-acre island in the Caribbean where he has performed a one man show for over 30 years.

"Spitfire Troubadour" is sure to entertain readers with the true-to-life tale of a war hero as he escaped from enemy territory, creating the life of his dreams.

Tony Snell fought in World War II as a pilot in the Royal Air Force. After the war, he traveled the world making music and performing. Snell now resides in Brighton, England.

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