'The Love of God in China' by John S. Peale is Released

'The Love of God in China' by John S. Peale is Released

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., July 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ The Chinese people, especially those who are both Christian and patriotic, are in a deeply and almost thoroughly problematic situation. They are caught up in dilemmas both within the Christian perspective and within general Chinese cultural beliefs and practices. Given this situation, author John S. Peale, sheds light on what's going on and what's happening in the Christian churches in China in his book, The Love of God in China.

Many of the books written on Christianity in China or of churches in China focus on or promote one of the points of view on Christianity represented by one of the church bodies in China: the Chinese Christian Church (Protestant), the Independent House Church or home meeting points movement, and the Catholic Church in China. On both the Protestant and the Catholic sides, there are the open or official churches and the "underground" or house churches or meeting points.

By coming to understand this situation and by focusing clearly on the problems in it, readers will come to learn more about China and more about the Christian faith. People can know more about what it means to live the Christian life in one's own culture by understanding the situation of the Christian in a very different cultural setting. There are important lessons for any Christian anywhere which emanate from the Chinese Christian experience.

In this book, he raises the question as to whether a person really can be both Chinese and Christian, which, in the end, he answers with a resounding "yes".

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About the Author
John Peale's passion for China goes back twenty years, and that for Christianity all his life. He is a Professor of Philosophy and a Christian minister, the son of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. John Peale has immersed himself in research work in Chinese studies, in Christianity and in native Chinese religions.

The Love of God in China
by John S. Peale
Publication Date: April 5, 2005
Paperback: $21.95; 302 pages; ISBN 9780595336197

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'The Love of God in China' by John S. Peale is Released