Stan Young Releases SHANGI LONG


In his new fantasy novel, "Shangji Long" (published by Xlibris), author Stan Young crafts a captivating tale about a powerful dragon king from another world that befriends a human to find his lost mystical pearl - an artifact that is able to rid the world from the plague of chaotic monsters. This absorbing, action-packed story takes readers on a journey wrapped in action, magic and excitement.

During the Tang Dynasty, there was a world that was separated from earth. There was a kingdom ruled by a dragon king who was born with incredible yet dangerous power. The dragon king's name was Shangji Long. He lived in magnificent crystal palace. There lay the Pearl of Fucanglong, a special jewel that contained endless power. However, another kingdom - where yao guai lived - has invaded Shangji Long's kingdom to steal the pearl. Shangji refuses to let this happen and war breaks out. Amidst the chaos and destruction, the pearl somehow disappears from the kingdom, and for some strange reason, it was on earth, in the land of China. When the yao guai found out where the pearl is located, five of them came to retrieve it. Shangji Long came down from his unearthly kingdom to stop them. His success came with a price: he sealed them in another world to prevent them from causing any more havoc, but he turned to stone in the process. The people that he saved thanked him and would never forget his sacrifice. They moved his stone body and the pearl to a cave; there he would be waiting until the time was right for a certain person to free him in the future.

Enchanting, adventurous and unique, "Shangji Long" reveals how two different beings can learn a lot for each other as their lives change. This perfect blend of creativity and fantasy is bound to keep readers absorbed from the first page until the last.

"Shangji Long"
By Stan Young
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 52 pages | ISBN 9781499083903
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 52 pages | ISBN 9781499083910
E-Book | 52 pages | ISBN 9781499083927
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Stan Young has a vast interest in Chinese culture and studied all about it when he was in elementary school. When he read that the dragon has an important part and has a long history in that culture, he had the idea to make a heroic character of it. "Shangji long" means "superior dragon" because of his great power, while "yao guai" means "demon" or "evil spirit." He chooses to have the story take place in China where he got the idea from - that way, people would know how much he learned from research while keeping true to its roots.

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