PEOPLE Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of General Hospital with Commemorative Book

PEOPLE Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of General Hospital with Commemorative Book

PEOPLE magazine, the world's most popular celebrity weekly, announces the release of PEOPLE Celebrates General Hospital, a collector's special book that chronicles the iconic soap opera, which, on April 1, will have been on the air for 50 years - longer than any daytime drama still in production. The 128-page commemorative soft cover book, which hits newsstands on March 1 ($11.99/US), chronicles all the stars, scandals, and memorable moments with highlights from those five decades of "love in the afternoon" - shocking plot twists; interviews with the current cast; famous cameo appearances (Elizabeth Taylor, Julio Iglesias, Roseanne Barr, Sammy Davis Jr., Milton Berle); the best villains; celebrities who got their start on GH before finding even more success later on (Demi Moore, Ricky Martin, Mark Hamill, Jack Wagner), and more.

Over the past fifty years, General Hospital fans have thrilled to forbidden passion, dark secrets and Evil Twins, and found delight in a long line of heartthrobs from Dr. Hardy and Alan Quartermaine to Luke, Blackie, Frisco, Scorpio, Mac and Jason. More than 1,800 actors have appeared on the show; the 1981 marriage of Luke and Laura drew 30 million viewers and became the biggest event in the history of daytime drama.

Packed with trivia, cast interviews, and more than 200 photos, the hardcover version of PEOPLE Celebrates General Hospital is available beginning March 12 ($19.95/US) wherever books are sold and online at

"PEOPLE Celebrates General Hospital" hits newsstands nationwide on March 1;and is also available in hardcover wherever books are sold on March 12.

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