New York Author David Sakmyster Promotes Thriller, BLINDSPOTS

New York Author David Sakmyster Promotes Thriller, BLINDSPOTS

About The Author: David Sakmyster is an award-winning author who has nine novels published, including a series about psychic archaeologists (described as "Indiana Jones meets The X-Files") starting with the book "The Pharos Objective." He also has an epic historical adventure, "Silver and Gold," the suspense novels "Crescent Lake," "Blindspots and "N.D.E," and a forthcoming story collection, "Escape Plans." His screenplay, Nightwatchers, has been optioned for production.

Book Description:

It's What You Can't See That Matters....

Six strangers from across the globe, all afflicted with Prosopagnosia-a disease that renders the sufferer unable to recognize faces-find themselves drawn to a secluded Vermont clinic specializing in their condition. Once there, to the shock of their lives, these strangers find they are not only able to see, but somehow recognize each other. But before they can learn the amazing truth about their connection, they are targeted by a preternaturally-gifted killer who has been waiting, more than one lifetime, for their arrival.

"Blindspots" is available in both print and ebook format.

Book Information:
By David Sakmyster
Publisher: Hive Collective
Published: April 2014
Pages: 354
ISBN: 978-0985432539
ASIN: B00K1Q757Y
Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Horror

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