New Book Reveals 50 Of Chicago's Most Accomplished People

New Book Reveals 50 Of Chicago's Most Accomplished People

CHICAGO, July 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Any one of us can leverage our life's lessons to achieve greater personal success; find and refine our passions; and achieve our goals. The 50 inspirational Chicagoans profiled in Bright Lights of the Second City: 50 Prominent Chicagoans on Living with Passion and Purpose provide a powerful catalyst for jump starting or advancing one's own personal odyssey. Bright Lights of the Second City is a carefully-curated collection of portraits that, through its anecdotes paints a picture of Chicago, a city that is second to none.

These profiles of approximately 1,000 words, shared in the subjects' own voices, reveal rarely explored facets of 50 gifted Chicagoans, including: Capt. James Lovell, Apollo 13 astronaut; Rep. Danny Davis, U.S. Congress; Bill Kurtis, broadcaster/ documentarian; Ramsey Lewis, jazz legend; Martin Marty, Ph.D., theologian/author; Alpana Singh, master sommelier; Kerry Wood, former pitcher for the Chicago Cubs; Richard Dent, NFL Hall of Famer and former Chicago Bear; Eboo Patel, Founder, Interfaith Youth Core; Stuart Dybek and Alex Kotlowitz; prizewinning writers; and philanthropists Richard Driehaus and Ann Lurie.

Bright Lights of the Second City explores these provocative questions: What manner of influences and early-life events forged the development of these individuals? Who challenged them to follow their passions, and how? Is it possible to identify the motivations that enliven these movers and shakers, these midnight oil burners who manage to make their accomplishments look easy? (The answer: a resounding yes.)

Advance praise for Bright Lights of the Second City
Andrew Alexander, CEO/Executive Producer, The Second City, says: "How do you tell the story of a city? Betsy Storm has given us a dynamic portrait of Chicago through its amazing characters the reporters and the reported on, the activists and the historian, shining stars and solitary beekeepers. Bright Lights of the Second City is a terrific read as well as a primer on the greatest city in the world."

Richard Melman, Founder, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises: "Storm has compiled some wonderful stories that will serve to inspire others."

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About the author: Chicagoan Betsy Storm is a lifelong writer and vice president of Independent Writers of Chicago. She is the owner of Top Drawer Communications, an award winning editorial and public relations firm. Her work has been published in the Chicago Tribune, Consumers Digest and Brides Magazine, among other publications. She is available for interviews, speaking engagements and book signings. Contact her at Email. Bright Lights of the Second City can be purchased wherever books are sold, through Amazon, and at

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New Book Reveals 50 Of Chicago's Most Accomplished People