New Autobiography of 1920's is Released

New Autobiography of 1920's is Released

No one is unfamiliar with the experience of an older person telling someone younger a story that begins "In the old days..." Most of those stories are told for fun but, like most fantastic tales, they have a basis in reality. In his new book "The Clam Diggers' Kids" (published by AuthorHouse), author Robert (Bob) Hart tells a true story of the unbelievably hard work small children did in 1920's California.

As a child, Hart's parents supplemented their agricultural income by digging clams on Oceano Beach in Oceano Beach, Calif. The story he recounts in this succinct autobiography is one of the evening he and his family found more than clams on nighttime beach.

An excerpt from "The Clam Digger's Kids":

"Ordinarily, when we kids go with our parents at night, we stay in the car bundled up together on the leather back seat of the car. This is a totally new and different kind of experience. While in the parked car we cannot see the lighted lantern, which is normally set on the sand behind the car, where it is easily seen by Mom and Dad when digging clams. But now we have no car, no back seat, and only a blanket on the sand to lie upon, with the lantern lighting the surrounding area - corpse, sand fleas and all."

Hart knows - and knew then - that his family had chosen an extremely hazardous means of making a living, but the occupation was chosen for health reasons. Nonetheless, he is certain that readers will enjoy his unique look at this true story.

"The Clam Diggers' Kids"
By Robert (Bob) Hart
Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 90 pages | ISBN 9781477216491
E-Book | 90 pages | ISBN 9781477233078
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Robert (Bob) Hart was born in Montebello, Calif., in 1919. Montebello is nine miles east of Los Angeles, and agriculture was his family's primary means of making a living. Hart presently lives with his wife, Ruth, in a remote mountain community in Arizona's southwest desert. The air is pure and the climate moderate, except for brief snowy periods during the winter months.

Hart is also the author of "My Name is Moses."

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