"Leadership by Virtue: Dé L?ng D?o (???) - Martial Arts Philosophy behind Leadership Process to Rise above Our 'Cultural Background Noise'" (published by Trafford Publishing), Berce regales readers with stories of his adventures through life and how they can master the art of leadership.

"Leadership by Virtue" allows readers to see a leadership process that is culturally independent since it is based on human behavior that is not completely bonded to, what the author calls, one's own "cultural background noise" - which he defines as influences, mental and subconscious, that individuals are brought up in.

"The story is told at several levels and its telling as a story is indebted to the ways of learning embedded in the Asian martial arts," explains Berce. "Leaders at the top are not alone. With this book, I would like to bestow on them, and others, an inner sense of leadership where doing things right and in the right way pays off. I want them to understand how virtue is important and that in one's work and life nothing is hidden, and that - there are no secret answers."

The book takes readers through this process in first person and shows them, in great detail, the internal growth of the leadership that they can achieve by blending in and reflecting on these elements of a Non-Western approach.

Jaro Berce achieved a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, a master's degree in computer science and a Ph.D. in social sciences. He cofounded, managed and served on the board of directors of two information technology consulting and engineering firms. He has also worked at board level in both the private and public sectors. He is currently an assistant professor at the Center of Social Informatics of the University of Ljubljana, Faculty for Social Sciences. From an early age, Berce practiced martial arts. On a daily basis he practices Y?ng Ch?n (??), more widely known as Wing Chun, Qì G?ng (??) and/or T'ai Chi Ch'uan (???).

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