Janelle Gluckman's GOODSHOT! GOLF Offers Women An Empowering Approach to the Game

Many women want to learn to play golf but later abandon the sport because of the steep learning curve. Fortunately, a new e-book, "GoodShot! Golf," adds a unique perspective to golf instruction by introducing an approach designed to help women golfers enjoy playing golf while they are learning (http://goodshotgolf.com/).

The "GoodShot! Golf" method recognizes the value of positive reinforcement, encouraging beginners to learn shots one at a time rather than struggling on the course with the shots they have not yet mastered. "GoodShot! Golf" is available on both the Kindle and Nook e-readers, as well as a standard PDF download. Until December 31, buyers can take advantage of a 25% discount. Those who sign up for the email list can preview the first two chapters for free.

"GoodShot! Golf" strongly recommends taking lessons from an experienced professional and spending practice time at the driving range. The golf course itself should be fun rather than stressful. Though many golf instructional guides emphasize the technical aspects of the game, "GoodShot! Golf" leaves the purely technical training in the hands of clubhouse pros, and instead focuses on an innovative method for playing the game as a beginner.

When out on the course, players only record their good shots. Instead of trying to hit shots that are not yet within the player's skillset, such as bunker shots or flop shots, the "GoodShot! Golf" method focuses on playing the same number of shots that an accomplished golfer would hit and building a short game one shot at a time. The custom GoodShot! Golf scorecard helps the golfer identify areas that need practice and areas where her skill is improving, thus letting her know when it's time to try more challenging shots.

"I failed to learn to play golf twice," says author Janelle Gluckman . "The third time I was determined not to be 'that woman golfer' who hits the ball ten times getting to the green and then takes another four shots to get it in the hole. I invented the method described in 'GoodShot! Golf' and had fun playing golf while I was still learning. Once I enjoyed playing beautiful courses like Torrey Pines and Telluride, I was hooked. Nothing was going to keep me from being a golfer."

"'GoodShot! Golf' is a great gift for men to give their wives who don't play golf," adds Gluckman. "If you want to spend the money to play Pebble Beach, it helps if both the husband and wife are dying to go."

Once a frustrated golfer who failed to learn twice, Janelle Gluckman is now an avid and accomplished player. Gluckman's book "GoodShot! Golf" helps other women enjoy playing the game, without the frustration of playing badly while learning.