From a Professional Skydiver to an Author; a Traveller Dinesh Chandwani Has Done It All

Death is an adventure unexplored by many.

When hearing the stories of an adventurous traveler, people naturally become intrigued, even spell-bound. But no adventure tale is quite like that which has death at its core. Such tales captivate the entire psyche as the mind travels through a completely unexplored world on a journey that seemingly encapsulates everything from the lively stars that give us hope to the clouds of death which cause everything to fade into oblivion.

This metaphor relates to all life, according to "EMEG: A Face-Off with Fear." Dinesh Chandwani, the debutant author of this highly emotional book, has brilliantly portrayed his unique brand of adventure fiction with a nod to his personal experiences in adventure sports. In "EMEG: A Face-Off with Fear," Chandwani navigates the reader through the outrageous fear of a free-fall to the desperation of suicide to the pitfalls of using drugs to a lusty travel affair, all while keeping the reader in an upbeat mood.

The book has many highlights: A skydiving scene really captures the reader's imagination, as the author skillfully describes, down to the most minute details, the flurry of emotions involved with falling towards a drop zone. The inner reality of a skydiver's life has been integrated into the novel effectively. Additionally, the main character's relationships and drug overdose issues are absolutely fascinating, as is the intriguing way in which the author contrasts the laid-back Aussie attitude towards life to the fast-paced Indian lifestyle.

"EMEG: A Face-Off with Fear" educates the reader about what life really means to a traveler. Ironically, this unique and thrilling book is perhaps best summed up by the old cliché: "There's something for everybody."

About the Author

Dinesh Chandwani is a multitalented businessman. He is a co-founder of The Walnut School of Ideas, a philanthropist, a public speaker, a traveler, a professional skydiver and surfer, and now he is a published author.

Dinesh has a degree in Computer Science from the G.H Raisoni College of Engineering, Nagpur. He had a tough time in college as he failed many subjects; it took him six years to complete his Engineering studies. Being an avid traveler, he did not understand many Physics concepts at all.

Dinesh has traveled through almost all of India, sometimes alone and sometimes with friends. His crazy travel stories of his time in Leh are to die for, and he considers Australia to be the traveler's version of heaven on Earth.

While Dinesh considers himself an atheist, he respects those who are devoutly religious.

Dinesh's passion for international business took him to Queensland University, Brisbane where he completed his Masters degree (in the expected amount of time).

Dinesh is a Professional Skydiver, trained in Skydive Cairns. He specialises in Accelerated Free Fall (AFF), Base Jumping and Static Jumping. He defines skydiving as a form of power yoga for young professionals. His training has helped him to overcome his fear of failure, to learn teamwork skills, and to build character.

Even after 75 jumps and 525 minutes in the air, he is still scared of jumping out of a plane. (He always gets kicked out and gains control over himself later.) He has a Class B professional skydiving certificate.

Dinesh is also a professional surfer, trained in Australia. He specialises in Windsurf, Kitesurf and Stand-up Paddle (SUP). He thinks of surfing as an integral part of his soul; his fear and power are in perfect union when he is riding the waves.

He credits his politeness to the part time jobs he had in Brisbane. His work-life balance is highly unusual as he prefers working late nights rather than the usual nine to five. But, after he got a job at Nando's Australia as a Business Development Manager, things changed (not for him, but for the company).

Dinesh has also worked for Suncorp Stadium as a Sports Retail Manager, where he was in charge of events. He has also worked for Hungry Jacks Australia as a crew where he was a Resource Allocator and a Shift Authorization Manager.

Dinesh's passion for writing brought him back to India after two years of working in Australia. Upon his return, he started his own company: The Walnut School of Ideas. This company, which is based in Nagpur, helps nurture the talents of youths in the fields of photography, film-making, cinematography, and scriptwriting, among others. Dinesh's contributions to society have been covered by Business World and The Hitavada. According to Dinesh, The Walnut School of Ideas focuses on three essentials: education, communication, and creativity awareness.

Dinesh is not an avid reader. He believes that everybody has a writing style of their own, and he strongly believes that a writer's ideas should not emerge from someone else's work. If someone wants to write, he or she should simply start with no reference point so that their thoughts are not tainted by others.

One of Dinesh's favourite television series is The Mentalist. He also loves watching documentaries about science and adventure, He is a big fan of the actors Nawaazuddin Siddique and Simon Baker. The two female celebrities who he adores the most are Momina Mustehsan and Yvone Strahovski.

Dinesh is originally from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh; he is probably the first writer from the state to publish a book in English. His father, Dr. G. N Chandwani, is a well-renowned educator in Bhilai for IIT-Jee. Dinesh is grateful to his father for all the support and faith he has given to his son over the years, even in the toughest of times.

Dinesh's greatest inspirations are Elon Musk and Narendra Modi. Dinesh has written a lot about Mr. Narendra Modi in EMEG: A Face-Off with Fear, as nationalism gives him goosebumps. He is a philanthropist and has worked for various international NGO's such as Red Cross Australia. In India, he has started campaigns in Vijayawada, Nagpur, and Hyderabad for the enhancement of the creative talents of young people.

Dinesh's advice to aspiring writers is to be genuine and that, to write good stories, writers must write what they feel without worrying about sales.

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