'Force Seven' Series is Released

'Force Seven' Series is Released


Action, suspense and adventure-what more could you ask for in a sci-fi/fantasy novel? M.R. Miller, author of the "Force Seven" series, provides all that and more. Her love of reading spread to her children and sparked a writing career.

Miller stated, "I was reading a series called 'Dragon Lance' and playing the video game 'Final Fantasy'. My children loved the game and wanted to read the books mommy was enjoying too. I realized that the only problem with my kids reading the books I read was the adult content, language and sex to be exact, so I decided to write a story that had all the adventure and magic without the foul language and overt sexual encounters."

M.R. Miller has received much praise for her ability to write a seamless and engaging sci-fi/
fantasy series.

The CQ (an editor) wrote, "Every once in a while a writer comes along who has the ability to appeal to any type of reader, regardless their preferred genre. M.R. Miller has done just that with this series. From beginning to end, she has an uncanny skill of creating living, breathing characters you truly care for and engaging plot twists that keep you wanting more."

In the recently released final installment of the series, "Force Seven: Talisman," readers follow the prophesied "Seven" as they struggle to rid Earth of the evil that followed the Pinnerite people who traveled here for sanctuary.

Filled with emotion, suspense and action, "Force Seven: Talisman" perfectly blends the great themes of a remarkable sci-fi/fantasy novel without relying on overt adult content. M.R. Miller masterfully produces a future Earth that will keep readers of all ages wanting more. This is a novel in the sci-fi/fantasy genre that readers of all ages can enjoy!

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"Force Seven: Talisman"
By: M.R. Miller
ISBN: 978-1-4389-1-4389-1878-5
Available in softcover ($23.95) and e-book ($9.99)
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and AuthorHouse

About the author
M.R. Miller was born in Edson, Alberta, Canada. As the daughter of an American citizen, she moved to Lebanon, Oregon during her 7th grade year. From high school, she entered the Marine Corps, married, raised three children and is now a proud grandmother. Miller's children were the inspiration to write. Miller currently works as a writer and editor.

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