FORGOTTEN WORD Examines a World Without Religion

FORGOTTEN WORD Examines a World Without Religion

MANCHESTER, England, May 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ A new novel now available at Amazon in print and ebook formats explores what the world would look like if religious corruption led to a worldwide ban of religion.

"Forgotten Word" is a 146-page work of fiction written by Sam Jane Brown. The story centers on heroine Zena McGrath, a detective working for an International Police Organisation at their Dublin Office. A routine day is turned upside down when she receives a call from her boss in the New York office notifying her that a number of Catholic Priests have died under mysterious circumstances, the latest being an Irish Priest at the Vatican.

Though Vatican authorities claim the deaths are due to natural causes, an investigation led by McGrath ensues. After flying to Rome to meet a high-ranking Vatican Priest to discuss the case, she is greeted by Cardinal Donatello, a mysterious figure who has responsibility for training priests in the secretive and highly dangerous art of Exorcism. He reveals to Zena that the priests who have died were all Exorcists and takes her on a shocking visit to see a Priest who is possessed by evil spirits.

McGrath's investigations lead her to unearth a number of serious problems sourced at the Vatican. Eventually, when the evil forces at play in the church come to light, a worldwide movement to ban all religions picks up steam. McGrath in turn travels to the Holy Land in an attempt to find God and inner peace.The events in the Holy Land lead to a climactic and shocking finale to this tale of good against evil: the second coming of Jesus Christ.

"Author Sam Jane Brown's debut novel examines religion's role in society," wrote the Examiner. "Brown's debut book, 'Forgotten Word,' takes readers on a fast-paced journey that touches upon an array of thought-provoking points, including the role of religion and the potential impact of a new world order whereby religion is banned."

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FORGOTTEN WORD Examines a World Without Religion