Christian Author, Hoppy Bishop, Releases 'The Secret Hidden in Plain Sight'

Christian Author, Hoppy Bishop, Releases 'The Secret Hidden in Plain Sight'

Huntsville, Ala.

Born on an ordained holy day, Hoppy Bishop naturally paid more attention to the intriguing events that occurred around the same time every year.

After conducting extensive research with the Bible and NASA technology, Bishop was shocked by his discoveries when he began writing his new book, "The Secret Hidden in Plain Sight."

This research began after Bishop witnessed comet Peabody explode into Jupiter on national television in 1994, and he felt called to dig deeper into the meaning of corresponding dates and events.

"The signs in the heavens and unfolding current events scream for our attention, but we disregard them and go about our daily business as though they are meaningless," said Bishop. "We do not recognize the signs because we are watching the wrong calendars."

In a book comprised of history, science, and prophecy, Bishop explains correlations between historic events, scripture, and Holy Day dates. Readers are provided a new perspective on the timeliness of specific occurrences and the promptness of God.

Twenty years after Bishop's first inclination to delve into this mysterious realm, technology has finally caught up with what Bishop believes this generation should understand. Now able to analyze events from Biblical past, Bishop hopes to provide clarity for the future.

"The Secret Hidden in Plain Sight"
By: Hoppy Bishop
ISBN e-book: 9781490835594
ISBN soft cover: 9781490835587
ISBN hard cover: 9781490835570
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and WestBow online bookstore.

About the Author:

With years of publishing and printing experience, Hoppy Bishop was the founder and CEO of the nationally recognized Portico Magazine. He is a member of the Briarwood Presbyterian Church and has been married for 44 years with two children.

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