The Atlantic slave trade caused pain, death and misery for four centuries. While a number of stories have focused on the lives of slaves in the countries they landed in or specifically on their horrific journeys aboard ships, few have tackled the full spectrum of experiences involved.

Author Dick Parsons' new book, "A Fisher of Slaves," follows a host of characters as they run the gamut of experiences people in the 1700s would have faced during the slave trade: An unwitting teen tricked into working on a slave ship; a mother trying to abolish the practice; wicked slave traders; tribal leaders who betrayed their people; And the unfortunate souls captured from western Africa. Through these characters Parsons illuminates the full spectrum of travesties seen.

"In my retirement I traveled to Ghana and Gambia, which led me to Fort George," Parsons said. "Between the fort and a host of other museum visits I was able to read logs from slave ships and learn so much more than the average text book provides."

"A Fisher of Slaves" follows the timeline of enslavement from capture, to the horrors of travel and into what happened with groups as they arrived at different countries. Africa, the U.S., the U.K and Europe all play important roles in the narrative of Parsons' tale.

"Slavery has existed throughout the history of mankind, so it is important to examine how it happened and the negative effects it had," Parsons said. "Many of these effects are still impacting the modern world, but more importantly slavery still exists and we should do all we can to stop it."

"A Fisher of Slaves"
By: Dick Parsons
SC-ISBN: 978-1-5049-8998-5
SC-Retail price: $19.76
Available at barnesandnoble.com, amazon.com and Authorhouse.com

About the author
Dick Parsons joined the Royal Navy as a Cadet at the ripe age of 13, retiring 37 years later as a Lieutenant Commander having had two sea commands. His love for the sea brought him to purchase and travel on a yacht around much of Europe. His family travels have taken him all over the globe even living in Singapore and Malta. He has previously written "New Zealand - A Personal Discovery" and "Turbans."

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