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Cinderella (West End)
opening 10/28/20

Moulin Rouge! (US Tour)
opening 11/1/20

Hairspray (US Tour)
opening 11/10/20

The Cher Show (US Tour)
opening 12/1/20

The Minutes (Broadway)
opening 12/31/20

Diana (Broadway)
opening 12/31/20

Mrs. Doubtfire (Broadway)
opening 12/31/20

Almost Famous (Broadway)
opening 12/31/20

Frozen (West End)
opening 12/31/20

Slam (Broadway)
opening 12/31/20

what the end will be (Off-Broadway)
opening 12/31/20

Blue (Off-Broadway)
opening 12/31/20

Exception to the Rule (Off-Broadway)
opening 12/31/20

Sunday in the Park With George (London)
opening 12/31/20

Perry Street (Off-Broadway)
opening 12/31/20

Nollywood Dreams (Off-Broadway)
opening 12/31/20

The Bedwetter (Off-Broadway)
opening 12/31/20

A Play is a Poem (Off-Broadway)
opening 12/31/20

Selling Kabul (Off-Broadway)
opening 12/31/20


Portia Coughlan (West End)
closing 10/31/20

The Prince of Egypt (West End)
closing 10/31/20

The Notebook (Chicago)
closing 11/8/20

Good (West End)
closing 12/19/20

Pretty Woman (West End)
closing 12/26/20

Nollywood Dreams (Off-Broadway)
closing 12/31/20

Selling Kabul (Off-Broadway)
closing 12/31/20

Oratorio For Living Things (Off-Broadway)
closing 12/31/20

Intimate Apparel (Off-Broadway)
closing 12/31/20

American Buffalo (Broadway)
closing 12/31/20

4000 Miles (West End)
closing 12/31/20

A Touch of the Poet (Off-Broadway)
closing 12/31/20

The Smuggler (Off-Broadway)
closing 12/31/20

Soundtrack '63 (Off-Broadway)
closing 12/31/20

Sammy (West End)
closing 12/31/20

The Pillowman (West End)
closing 12/31/20

American Utopia (Broadway)
closing 1/17/21

Hello, Dolly! (West End)
closing 3/6/21

Some Like It Hot (Chicago)
closing 4/4/21


After the Blast (Off-Broadway, 2017)

Animal Crackers (Broadway, 1928)

Barefoot in the Park (Broadway, 1963)

Bars and Measures (Off-Broadway, 2019)

Born to Rumba! (Off-Off-Broadway, 1991)

Captain Brassbound's Conversion (Off-Broadway, 2017)

Cats (West End, 2016)

Cinderella (Milburn, NJ (Regional), 2005)

Company (Off-Broadway, 1987)

Conversation Piece (Broadway, 1934)

Cotton Club Parade (Off-Broadway, 1932)

Disgraced (Broadway, 2014)

From Here to Eternity (West End, 2013)

Godspell (Broadway, 2008)

Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King (Off-Broadway, 2015)

Henry, Sweet Henry (Broadway, 1967)

Hodge, Podge & Co. (Broadway, 1900)

Hot Sake...With a Pinch of Salt (Off-Off-Broadway, 1986)

India Pale Ale (Off-Broadway, 2018)

Jesus Hopped the 'A' Train (Off-Broadway, 2017)

Jimmy (Broadway, 1969)

Kwamina (Broadway, 1961)

La Jolie Parfumeuse (Broadway, 1876)

Le Châlet (Broadway, 1866)

Les Noces de Jeannette (Broadway, 1866)

Maggie Flynn (Broadway, 1968)

Mayor (Broadway, 1985)

Memphis (West End, 2014)

Mister Venus (West End, 1958)

Molly Sweeney (Off-Broadway, 2019)

Music Box Revue [1922-23] (Broadway, 1922)

Not That Jewish (Off-Broadway, 2016)

Pippin (Broadway, 1972)

Prince of Broadway (International Tour, 2015)

Rock of Ages (Los Angeles, 2019)

Scotland, PA (Off-Broadway, 2019)

Sistas: The Musical (Off-Broadway, 2011)

Smokey Joe's Cafe (West End, 1996)

Speed-The-Plow (Broadway, 2008)

Starlight Roof (West End, 1947)

Starmites (Off-Broadway, 1980)

Sweeney Todd (US Tour, 2007)

The 24 Hour Plays 2006 (Broadway, 2006)

The Duenna (West End, 1924)

The Landing (Off-Broadway, 2013)

The Merry Peasant (West End, 1909)

The Quaker Girl (Broadway, 1911)

The Retreat From Moscow (Broadway, 2003)

The Singing Girl (Broadway, 1899)

Tintypes (Broadway, 1980)

Triumph of Love (Broadway, 1997)

Wild With Happy (Off-Broadway, 2012)

Witness for the Prosecution (West End, 2017)

Zombies From the Beyond (Off-Broadway, 1995)