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Blues for an Alabama Sky (West End)
opening 10/4/22

Ink'dWell (Off-Broadway)
opening 10/5/22

Dodi & Diana (Off-Broadway)
opening 10/5/22

1776 (Broadway)
opening 10/6/22

Cocktail Magique (Off-Broadway)
opening 10/7/22

But I'm a Cheerleader: The Musical (West End)
opening 10/7/22

Much Ado About Nothing | Globe (West End)
opening 10/8/22

Death of a Salesman (Broadway)
opening 10/9/22

SUGGS What A King Cnut – A Life in The Realm Of Madness (West End)
opening 10/10/22

German Cornejo's Tango After Dark (West End)
opening 10/11/22

The Canterville Ghost (West End)
opening 10/11/22

Aladdin (US Tour)
opening 10/11/22

Peaky Blinders: The Redemption of Thomas Shelby (West End)
opening 10/12/22

The Piano Lesson (Broadway)
opening 10/13/22

Everything's Fine (Off-Broadway)
opening 10/13/22

ELF the Musical (West End)
opening 10/14/22

Wise Children's Wuthering Heights (Off-Broadway)
opening 10/16/22

My Neighbour Totoro (West End)
opening 10/18/22

F*ck7thGrade (Off-Broadway)
opening 10/18/22


Jasper (Off-Broadway)
closing 10/6/22

House of Flamenka (West End)
closing 10/8/22

Los Otros (Off-Broadway)
closing 10/8/22

Kate (Off-Broadway)
closing 10/8/22

Get Your Ass In the Water and Swim Like Me (Off-Broadway)
closing 10/8/22

Remember This: The Lesson of Jan Karski (Off-Broadway)
closing 10/9/22

Mud/Drowning (Off-Broadway)
closing 10/9/22

SUGGS What A King Cnut – A Life in The Realm Of Madness (West End)
closing 10/10/22

The Notebook (Chicago)
closing 10/16/22

Baldwin and Buckley at Cambridge (Off-Broadway)
closing 10/16/22

I'm Revolting (Off-Broadway)
closing 10/16/22

american (tele)visions (Off-Broadway)
closing 10/16/22

Ink'dWell (Off-Broadway)
closing 10/16/22

Cheek to Cheek: Irving Berlin in Hollywood (Off-Broadway)
closing 10/16/22

Weightless (Off-Broadway)
closing 10/17/22

Henry VIII | Globe (West End)
closing 10/21/22

Joan of Arc | Globe (West End)
closing 10/22/22

German Cornejo's Tango After Dark (West End)
closing 10/22/22

Handbagged (West End)
closing 10/22/22


¡El Conquistador! (Off-Broadway, 2006)

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (West End, 1963)

A Swell Party (West End, 1991)

Adrienne Truscott's (Still) Asking For It (A Stand-Up Rape About Comedy Starring Her Pussy and Little Else!) (New York, 2019)

After Midnight (Broadway, 1904)

Bad Jews (Off-Broadway, 2013)

Betty (Broadway, 1916)

Camelot (US Tour, 1963)

Cool Hand Luke (West End, 2011)

Dreams of Flying Dreams of Falling (Off-Broadway, 2011)

Eine Nacht in Venedig (Berlin, 1883)

Follow Thru (West End, 1929)

H.M.S. Pinafore (Off-Broadway, 1979)

Heisenberg (West End, 2017)

Here's Love (Broadway, 1963)

Hi-Diddle-Diddle (West End, 1934)

House of Cards (West End, 1963)

Humpty Dumpty Junior (Broadway, 1870)

I Lost You There (Off-Broadway, 2017)

In the Heights (West End, 2015)

Julius Caesar (Off-Broadway, 2013)

Lady Audley's Secret (Off-Broadway, 1972)

Lady Day (Off-Broadway, 2013)

Leap of Faith (Los Angeles, 2010)

Love Never Dies (US Tour, 2017)

Love's Lottery (Broadway, 1904)

Mrs. Warren's Profession (Broadway, 2010)

Narnia (Off-Off-Broadway, 1986)

On Beckett (Off-Broadway, 2018)

Our Boys (West End, 2012)

Rap Master Ronnie (Off-Broadway, 1984)

Rip Van Winkle (Broadway, 1870)

Sail Away (Broadway, 1961)

See You Later (London Fringe, 1951)

Sidewalks of New York (Broadway, 1927)

Six (Broadway, 2021)

Stop the World - I Want to Get Off (Broadway, 1962)

The Doctor of Alcantara (Broadway, 1866)

The Drowsy Chaperone (New York, 2004)

The Hon'ble Phil (West End, 1908)

The Land of the Dinosaurs (London Fringe, 1974)

The Love Mills (West End, 1911)

The Mikado (Broadway, 1940)

The Seagull (West End, 2017)

The Vagina Monologues (Off-Broadway, 1999)

The Vision of the Sun, or, the Orphan of Peru (Broadway, 1825)

The Yeomen of the Guard (West End, 1888)

Yes, Yes, Yvette (Broadway, 1927)

Your Own Thing (US Tour, 1970)