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32 rue Vandenbranden at BAM Harvey Theater


11/20/2019 - 11/23/2019


BAM Harvey Theater

651 Fulton St.
Brooklyn,NY 11217
Phone: 718-636-4100

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The performances of the PEEPING TOM is described as theatrical electroshock and virtuoso, cinematic, theatrical nightmare. Regardless of how one sees the visually rich spectacle "32 rue Vandenbranden" is an unusually strong and intense encounter with completely unapologetic artists in the European top layer. The company was started in Brussels by Gabriela Carrizo and Frank Chartier in 2000, and has since toured Europe and rest of the world with their performances. They have won a number of prestigious awards for his unique work. Thematic circuits around the contradictions and peculiarities of people in between, where the audience is viewers to a world that is both realistic and a dream world at one and the same time.

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