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Interview | Charlie Gehrmann and Zoe Jeffrey, creatives on the UQ Law Revue 2020: Law Actually

Interview | Charlie Gehrmann and Zoe Jeffrey, creatives on the UQ Law Revue 2020: Law ActuallyNext up on my Brisbane local artists interview segment are two beautiful ladies who've battled through co-vid restrictions to bring their beloved Law Revue to life. The two interviewees are Charlie Gehrmann, the director of the 2020 Law Revue and Zoe Jeffrey, the choral director. Charlie Gehrmann is the Convenor of UQ Law Revue, has been a member of the cast since 2017 and was the assistant director in 2019 and writes many sketches and songs for the show. Besides revue, Charlie is studying law and history, and she volunteers in the costume department at Brisbane Arts Theatre and dotes after her 'hot cat', Maisy. Zoe Jeffrey is the chorus director and vocal coach for Law Revue and has been a long standing member of the chorus since 2017's Fantastic Priests and Where to Hide Them. Outside studying Law/Arts majoring in English and dedicating every waking hour to revue, Zoe teaches performing arts workshops for kids at Brisbane Arts Theatre and enjoys performing in musical theatre across Brisbane. Here's what they both had to say...

VIRAG: With the unexpected and uncertain nature of the ever changing covid restrictions and regulations, is it a relief that you're able to stage a Law Revue in 2020?

CHARLIE: It is beyond a relief. Directing this show has been my dream since first year. For so many people, Revue is the highlight of their year, and sometimes even their degree. I really wanted to have everyone on stage and having a good time. I feel so lucky to be able to provide that.

ZOE: Absolutely! With covid restrictions being so much stricter for singers than for actors and dancers there was a very real possibility that the chorus would not get to be involved at all or would be singing from another room, and we had a similar situation for the woodwinds and brass in our wonderful band as well. So we are extremely lucky to get to even be on stage this year!

Interview | Charlie Gehrmann and Zoe Jeffrey, creatives on the UQ Law Revue 2020: Law Actually

VIRAG: I know you guys normally do a Law Revue in August. Has putting in on in December allowed you to explore with more themes and content creatively that you wouldn't have been to do in August? I imagine parodying a favourite holiday classic is a dream...

CHARLIE: Our Head Writer Joe Dwyer wrote an excellent sketch about mothers and the emotional labour of Christmas back in March. At the time, we assumed it would never see the light of the stage as our show was too far away from Christmas. Our audiences so far appear to be saying it's one of their favourite sketches, so I'm so glad we got to perform it!

ZOE: It is has been so much fun getting to do a Christmas themed Revue. There is a certain song that I have been dreaming about singing for years that I am very lucky to get to sing at the end of our show. I think audiences will really enjoy all of our Love Actually references sprinkled throughout the show.

VIRAG: What's been the most rewarding and fun part of creating this year's revue?

CHARLIE: Having the team grow so close together in the adversity. I love them all.

ZOE: My favourite part of Revue is always seeing everything come together with the cast, chorus and band for the first time. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing your arrangements performed and seeing the looks of excitement and amazement on everyone's faces when they hear all of their hard work paying off and the show coming together.

Interview | Charlie Gehrmann and Zoe Jeffrey, creatives on the UQ Law Revue 2020: Law Actually

VIRAG: If you could pitch your revue for our readers who haven't yet purchased their tickets, then what would you say?

CHARLIE: The UQ Law Revue is an annual musical theatre sketch comedy show with a long history. Many Australian comedians have found their comedy legs in Revue- Tom Gleisner, Rob Sitch, Shaun Micallef and Santo Cilauro to name just a few- for the low price of $29, you could be seeing the future of Australia's comedy on stage!

ZOE: Revue is a hilarious mix of comedy, musical theatre and social critique covering topics from Law to politics to student life and everything in between! Despite being written, performed and created entirely by law students, there is truly something for everyone (except maybe little kids) and there is no better way to spend your Thursday/Friday/Saturday night!

Show: The 2020 Law Revue Christmas Special

Director: Charlie Gehrmann

Choral Director: Zoe Jeffrey


Photography credits to UQ Law Revue

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