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The Suffolk University Theatre Department Presents UBU ROAR

The Suffolk University Theatre Department Presents UBU ROAR

The Suffolk University Theatre Department is proud to launch an exciting new initiative - Juvenilia - with a kick-off event for its inaugural production, Ubu Roar. This unique theater event materializes for one night only at the Modern Theatre. Ubu Roar promises to be an evening of rollicking tyranny featuring live, loud music and a cash bar.

Ubu Roar invites the audience to abandon their moral compass and collude with the crass world of King Ubu, where blind ambition, greed, and yowling incompetence reign supreme. Hilarious, ridiculous, scathing, cringe-worthy - Ubu Roar(s) what many of us are thinking today.

Artistic Director Wesley Savick sees Ubu Roar as a part of a tradition of avant-garde audacity which celebrates the spirit of outraged discontent in the face of complacent mediocrity. "The original Ubu offended to the point of riot! This new iteration of Ubu has to sass back at itself (as well as the smugly divided time we live in) and rip down the thing that came before. It should feel like a cross between a punk set, Guy Fawkes Day, and church."

Ubu Roar marks the inaugural event for Juvenilia, a new initiative of The Suffolk University Theatre Department. Juvenilia, Boston's newest professional theatre company, is comprised almost entirely of Suffolk alumni. Founding artistic director Wesley Savick envisions Juvenilia as an incubator for challenging, adventurous and timely new works, which also serves as a bridge from college to professional theatre. "I'm excited to introduce Boston theatre audiences to the sparkling, unpretentious sophistication which is uniquely Suffolk...and by extension, Juvenilia." Ubu Roar will return to the Modern for a fully staged co-production with The National Theatre of Allston in September.

The Ubu Roar event is free and open to the public. For more information, please call The Suffolk University Theatre Department at 617-573-8282 or visit

Ubu Roar is sponsored by The Suffolk University Theatre Department and The National Theatre of Allston.

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