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Jodi Dominick and Laura Welsh Berg
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Ah, August. Idaho Shakespeare Festival in the 100+degree heat. I feel so sorry for the actors, but at least there was only lightning and not a storm that night.

As always the opening night of a show is very exciting. Seeing the folks you know in the audience, saying hello to your seat neighbors, and getting a sneak peek see the portions of the set that Idaho Shakespeare Festival allows you to see before the show begins. I try to not do any research on a play I am going to see before I see it. Especially if I do not know anything about it yet. I like to give the theatre a chance to explain to me what will happen on their own terms.

The set was very versatile and made ingenious use of the space that they had. It is set in 1947 and Falstaff is a washed up movie producer trying to get a documentary off the ground by schmoozing the wives of the wealthiest men in town. There is a walled off glass enclosure that serves as the homes of each of the wives, and the movie house. There is a market that swings back and forth to let you know when it is the movie house and there is a sign that the dance students bring in when it becomes the dance studio.

This play is one of the few that have very strong female characters. The women are very clever and cunning. They get the better of Falstaff on more than one occasion, and the poor fool, you almost feel sorry for him, almost.

This play makes for a fun night. You can't go too wrong with Shakespeare, the river, and a date (even if you go alone). There are jokes spattered throughout the performance to keep you entertained all evening.

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