Recommend: Tempest Tossed at CSC

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Recommend: Tempest Tossed at CSC#1
Posted: 7/13/08 at 6:00pm
I grabbed a papered ticket for TEMPEST TOSSED at Classic Stage Company last night on a whim. I'm hardly ever disappointed by Shakespeare nor CSC shows, so I went...

And loved it!

TEMPEST TOSSED is a 90-minute, 3-person adaptation of Shakespeare's THE TEMPEST. And it works! Marvelously presented by The Continuum Company (from NYU) following its Italian premiere Summer 2007.

The text is identical. No off-the-wall funkiness. It's Shakespeare's words... just paired-down a little.

And it's incredible what 3 deft actors can do with a simple change of costume, voice and movement.

Ariel, the sprite, is adorable. The wonders of simply waving an orange scarf!

Each actor plays 4 roles. And they don't get mixed-up ever! And neither does the audience.

They're SO on-top-of-it! Can meld from Prospero to Stephano in the blink of an eye. From Miranda to Trinculo and back again with just a hat and a rolled-up jacket.

Really clever and funny moments too. Brings a youthful and energetic light to the text.

The kind of show I walked away from literally saying outloud: "That was REALLY good!" with a smile that lasted a good while.

Great underscoring music and songs too (guitarist and cellist).

Tickets are only $20 ($10 for kids) and performances end July 20

Classic Stage Company is located at 136 East 13th Street.
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