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What if Patty Duke had stayed on Broadway ...

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Instead of heading to TV?
I know after the Miracle Worker she starred in a short lived play (that was not a success)...
What roles would she have played?
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Patty Duke was back on Broadway only a few years ago. She replaced Andrea Martin in OKLAHOMA! (She wasn't very good)
"Long live God!" (GODSPELL)
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Ummm - YES SHE WAS VERY GOOD as Aunt Eller in "Oklahoma" and received some very positive notices. She once did "My Fat Friend" in summer stock & was great in that too, along with at least a dozen othe shows including "Gypsy", "Follies" and "Love Letters"...

And I saw her in "Humble Boy" last April in Spokane and she was excellent...

re: What if Patty Duke had stayed on Broadway ...

She'd probably have replaced Deanna Dunnigan in "August..." instead of Estelle Parsons (whom I love) if she stayed in NY and would be great. I also would have loved to see her as Frauline Schneider in "Cabaret."

I'm hoping she'll return some day in something like "Driving Miss Daisy" but I know she loves living in Idaho and hates to be away from home for too long. One show she's always wanted to do is "Our Town" and would probably go anywhere to do that.

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