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Max and min number of Broadway shows?

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Broadway Legend
Max and min number of Broadway shows?#1
Posted: 5/9/08 at 5:16am
Anyone has info as to what the record is for the maximun and minimun number of Broadway shows in one season? Or at the same time?
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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
I can get the exact details, but I know that "Babes in Arms" opened in 1937, (which was still technically in the depression as America didn't fully get back to work until the war industries kicks-tarted the economy in 1942) and limped along for a few months until two other musicals closed, at which point IT WAS THE ONLY MUSICAL OPEN ON BROADWAY. Granted, there were a few plays, but only one musical. And it stayed that way for months. AND it turned Babes into a hit.

Also, during 1936, my beloved "On Your Toes" played for quite a while against only one musical, a revival of The Ziegfeld Follies.

One show.

The threads on BWW would be pretty thin if that happened here.