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Finally got around to PASSING STRANGE...

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Finally got around to PASSING STRANGE...#1
Posted: 3/24/08 at 4:09am

The reviews for 'Passing Strange' were obviously very strong, and it has its ardent supporters, but the reactions I'd been hearing (particularly from my hardcore theatre friends) were all over the map. Some loved it, some walked out at intermission, some sat through and despised it; it was all over the place. So while my curiosity nagged at me and made me want to see it, even the positive reviews couldn't quite make me excited. It just didn't seem like my bag; not the sort of theatre or story I could see getting engaged in.

And while I didn't quite LOVE it-- it didn't leave me truly shaken like the best of the best usually do-- I came very close, and supremely dug it on virtually every level. I haven't yet seen IN THE HEIGHTS or A CATERED AFFAIR, and while this may just speak to how weak/underwhelming this year's musicals have been, but I really think this is the Best *New* Musical of the season.

I truly fell in love with its loose form, and its breaking the fourth wall in a way that wasn't 'aren't we clever' but rather just relaxed and self-acknowledging. It's been a very long time since I've been in a theatre and something felt this refreshing, original and exciting to watch, and there were numerous moments I got real chills. And even though the genre isn't really my cup of tea, I was surprised how much I dug the music.

That said, I can totally see why a lot of my Broadway aficionado friends haven't been as impressed; it's not at all conventional Broadway music or structure (it's a self-proclaimed "rock show"), and those who aren't cool with something testing/melting the boundaries of what a Broadway musical is will not be cool with this. Honestly, I think it's a fluke that it's playing on Broadway, but how boring would Broadway be if things like this didn't draw our attention away from the conventional stuff once in a while?

I know I'm not being incredibly articulate here, but I just wanted to add to the pile of voices saying that I really wasn't sure what I would think of this show, and it really was something special. Telling a tremendously powerful, moving story with a style of music I don't usually have great affection for, I was really, really "into" Passing Strange and taken aback by how much I liked the music, the humor and the performances.
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I can relate with getting chills. It also had the same effect on me. It was my Broadway moment so far this season. Glad you went to see it.
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Miracle, I think you are being very articulate!
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Miracle, thank you kindly for sharing your thoughts!
I'm glad you kinda-sorta enjoyed it - That's what matters most!
It was a pleasure reading! re: Finally got around to PASSING STRANGE...

- Mike