A New Opera Room At O'Neal's

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A New Opera Room At O'Neal's#1
Posted: 7/15/07 at 4:19pm
Last night I had dinner at O'Neals on 65th off Bway with a bevy of talented diners like Jack Lee, Ron Young, Judd Jones and Keith David. Singing for us were blossoming performers like tenor Tau Pupua from the Island of Tonga, as well as a soprano who sang everything fr Carousel to a Wagnerian aria. The evening began @ 8 and Tau closed with a "Nessun Dorma" that could easily deserve to be on many a professional opera stage around the world. & I look forward to hearing more from the bariton.

There was a total of 3 tenors, 1 soprano, 1 bariton and a mezzo who joined the group later in the evening, all in various stages of development & colors of voices. Last nite was pianist, Bob Wilson's (I hope I got his name right) birthday. So we all sang birthday wishes for him.

No cover, no minimum. My diner of goat cheese salad & mussels fra diavolo, fresh brewed iced tea and a cognac were delish. Our waiter Adam, who served us, a group of THIRTY, was adorable with his dark good looks & served us briskly & efficiently. I'm goin' back!

I'm looking forward to Keith David's reprise of his Nat King Cole show with jazz pianist Frank Owens @ Feinstein's. So if you missed him at The Metropolitan Room, I hope you'll save your pennies for his dates in September. Of course, Keith is in rehearsal for A Midsummer Night's Dream.