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Les Miserables Student Edition

Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
re: Les Miserables Student Edition#12
Posted: 3/19/07 at 7:13pm
I'm wondering how a middle school can do the show legally. School editions are designed for high school students, not 12 year olds.

That said, there are many high schools that have done excellent productions of Les Mis. To say that you wouldn't go see a high school do the show is a little silly. Many high schools have a pool of talent which is capable of performing the score of a show like Les Mis, in addition to acting the roles well. Each show has its own demands in terms of relating to the experiences of the characters. It's absolutely wrong to say that there are no high school students who should perform this role or that role. Generalizing like that makes no sense. Perhaps at your high school there isn't the talent but that doesn't mean that it's the same at every high school! :)