Help me pick out an instrument!

Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
re: Help me pick out an instrument!#35
Posted: 9/20/06 at 7:22pm
You guys are going to either:

a) yell at me
b) love me
c) be shocked/suprised my decision.

I'm currently debating right now between flute and alto sax (not clarinet), and I have to make my final decision tonight.

The reason why I'm debating about the flute is because I went to after-school band practice today and had my friend help me out with the flute. I seemed to get a decent sound out of it, but it would take me lots of work to get a really good sound out of it.

The alto sax kind of makes my front teeth and head hurt after I play, but I can easily get a good sound of it, and I love the sound of it.

So. I have about three hours to decide. I don't need any help with this, but I just thought I'd let you guys know. I'll let you know what my final decision is tonight.
What the puck?!