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Did I start something or what ?

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Did I start something or what ?#0
Posted: 1/19/06 at 8:03pm

Towards the end of 2005 some of you may remember I caused a stir with the "shock horror" mention of Musicals being filmed and put on the net. Well, I'm pleased to say that our membership from the US has doubled as interest took hold. We now have the support of the American Theater Wing and a group of writers of musicals have provided me around 850MB worth of musicals which they have written and would like America to hear.

You may know a local production company who could benefit from high quality productions, or you may just enjoy the music in the background while you surf the net. Either way this will be launching in our new MUSICALS portal as part of USTheater.TV.

Writers and authors of high quality musicals written in the USA will feature in our pages in the coming weeks.

We also have features from our New York reporter Lucy Komisar who is also political editor for

There will be a subscription fee introduced next month, but you can register free today and have a look around the site.

Many thanks for your continuing support, and its good also to see also heading into Internet TV. It can only be good for musicals and theatre in general.

Douglas McFarlane
US Theater TV
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Broadway Star
re: Did I start something or what ?#1
Posted: 1/19/06 at 10:50pm
wow, i think that great news, Douglas! all my best wishes. i can't wait till this thing gets on it's feet.
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re: Did I start something or what ?#2
Posted: 1/19/06 at 10:50pm
If it works out that would be splendid