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Rent blog question

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Rent blog question#0
Posted: 11/30/05 at 12:09am
Okay, yeah, sorry for another Rent thread, but this isn't about Rent directly.

I was just watching the video about what were the favorite songs of the cast members. I listened to a point about "La Vie Boheme" that I wanted to talk about, so I was trying to post a message on there. Which is something I hadn't done before. Anyway, it said they couldn't post it due to "questionable content." I have no idea what they're talking about, so I wondered if any of you who posted on the blog before knew what was wrong. Here is my post:

"Hey! This is my first time posting on the blog. I've been reading it since the beginning, I just haven't said anything.

Any way, I just wanted mention something about what Rosario said. She mentioned the aspect of "La Vie Boheme" of the line "Let he among us without sin be the first to condemn." Well, the second time I saw the movie (of three, so far), I went with a number of my friends, a couple of whom are hardcore Christians. They both truly loved it (as did I, by the way), but one of them had some trouble with a few things (you can imagine), one of which was the opening of "La Vie Boheme," where Mark is going "In that little town of Bethlehem..." which he mistook to be making fun of Jesus, or something. But then he mentioned his entire feeling towards that part was changed after "Let he among us..."

And by the way, thank everyone who made this blog possible all summer. It was really a great thing reaching out to us Rentheads during the process of making this film. And you can really tell the movie itself was made for us, as well. Thank you all SO MUCH!!! Oh, and my favorite song is "What You Own," followed by "Out Tonight," and "Without You.""

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re: Rent blog question#1
Posted: 11/30/05 at 4:55am
It sometimes flags stuff for no good reason. When it disliked my comment, I closed my browser and reopened it, then it worked. So there's no questionable content, it's just really lame.
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re: Rent blog question#2
Posted: 11/30/05 at 5:52am
my comments never get posted
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re: Rent blog question#3
Posted: 11/30/05 at 11:36am
when i comment it says that too! Its so annoying. It always says questionable content
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