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Posted: 10/20/05 at 1:02pm
Everybody should check out THE WINTER'S TALE at the Skirball Center on Washington Square South. It's being presented by Tisch School of the Arts, and it's one of the best shows Tisch has given us for so many years.

This lesser-done Shakespeare is so curiously electrifying that I could not help but be utterly carried away by the plot. I never lost interest - a huge feat for an American-produced Shakespeare, let alone one acted by 20-somethings. And the acting is indeed extraordinary. The talent on hand here is astonishing - and they're all undergraduates. Who knew?

The show is bursting with intrigue, instantly accessible comedy and hilarious flourishes, such as Satyrs endowed with fifteen-inch penises.

If that weren't enough, there is joyous music - infectious pop tunes by Nancy Magarill, whose tremendous skill is on display here to full effect. I had to go to after I saw the show.

I strongly urge all theatre lovers to check it out. I laughed uproariously and moments later wistful tears were rolling down my cheeks. It's just that kind of show, folks.

I still have the postcard I received in the mail about the show - here's the information: to purchase a ticket, call the box office at 212-992-8484 or simply buy one online at

I'm confident in the knowledge that you won't regret it.
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