Toronto Film Fest Mini review -Merchant of Venice

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I am going to try to post some mini reviews of films I saw that might interest the board.
Merchant of Venice - when this was announced w Pacino as Shylock I was sceptical. I freely admit that this is a very interesting portrayal of a character that makes many people uncomfortable.Pacino gives a warts & all performance but he is not a caricature. It is much more about what happens when too religions & cultures fail to respect each other the personal & cultural destruction it involves. There are some nice performances from Jeremy Irons as Antonio w an interesting "love" triangle including Basanio & Portia & Antonio. though NOT neccessarily a "gay" love triangle.
Shot in Venice & Luxemburg ( where there is a Venice standing set!) I an McKellen is also in the film but this is one of his lesser works. The young woman who plays Portia is really quite good handles the poetry well & is a new face to film as well. portends well for her career! I'd recommend it as a flawed but very valid work.
Words that confuse censors:Fecund,penal,taint, titmouse, cockatoo,coccyx, ballcock, cockeye, prickly,kumquat, titter,cunning linguist, insertion, gobble, guzzle, swallow, manhole, rimshot,ramrod,come, fallacious, lugubrious,rectify,Uranus, angina, paradiddle,spotted dick,dictum, frock,cunctation, engorge,turgid,stiff, bush, uvula, crapulence, masticate, Dick Butkus, gherkin and of course the always bewildering lickety split. As you can see, context is every thing. Chuck Lorre Addendum: 555 382 5968 "Sexarama, Hexarama, Queeriosis, Feariosis!" Alec Baldwin Im going to have to science the shit outta this. The Martian