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Little Women (2019)

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Little Women (2019)#1
Posted: 12/31/19 at 8:49am
What a breathtaking, gorgeous piece of filmmaking. Greta Gerwig is proving, yet again, why shes one of the top writer/directors working today. Certainly my favorite working today, especially after this.

The whole ensemble is exceptional and Gerwigs script gives nearly every single character a full lifes worth of care and attention, but high praise really has to go to Laura Dern and Florence Pugh. Laura Dern is so consistently excellent that a performance of this kind of warmth and depth is to be expected. Marmie could so easily feel like a saint, but Dern makes sure to ground her in such beautifully subtle ways. And Florence Pughs Amy surprisingly became the heart of the film for me. There are so many layers to her portrayal, and every single one of them broke my heart. Give her the Oscar now, or give it to Laura Dern - there is no other way.

I cant wait to see it again. I would have walked out of the theater and walked right back in to catch the next showing if I could have. Its that good.
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Little Women (2019)#2
Posted: 12/31/19 at 10:28am

As much as I loved Lady Bird and Gerwig's work in general, I wasn't looking forward to this. Mainly because we've had so many versions of it already.

But this turned out to be my favorite of the adaptations. Via the performances, the filmmaking, the way the plot is given to us in a way that makes emotional sense rather than narrative, this is a period piece that feels so vivid and refreshing. Goes to prove that no matter how many times a story is repeated, what matters is the perspective from which it is retold.