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Will Company return when broadway returns?  Jan 18 2021, 09:50:57 AM

DramaTeach said: "Someone mentioned the cast looking different. Having seen the show, the only cast member I’d like to switch is Katrina Lenk. The entire production was top notch and vibrant, but her Bobbi was not good (and I say this as someone who has adored her in other things). The voice wasn’t what it needed to be for her big realization and I’ve heard some people say they wanted more of an actress than a singer, but I didn’t find the emotion that great i

2020 Tony Nominations Thread  Oct 15 2020, 01:03:10 PM

Theatrefanboy1 said: "I don’t understand why west side story and girl
From the north town weren’t nominated in any categories especially considering they had opened.

Agreed. If nothing else, it would have added more variety to the musical categories.

This was just stupid. I get it, but it's stupid.

If The Crucible Movie Was Made Today, Who Should Star In It?  Aug 10 2020, 12:48:06 PM

Ravenclaw said: "I love the cast you came up with, but I would swap out Florence Pugh, whom I love, for Julia Garner, who is really ideal for that part."

I was thinking Isabelle Fuhrmann, but Garner would also be excellent.

Why the hate for moulin rouge  Jul 27 2020, 09:40:14 AM

(1) I think the show feels largely pretty soulless. They capture the glitz and glamor of the Moulin Rouge, but it's completely lacking in the creative spirit of Lurhmann's directorial style. 

(2) As you said, I felt absolutely zero chemistry between Tveit and Olivo, and the passionate, sexy love story is a big part of what anchors the film. 

All of this, and I also felt that very few of the changes made to the stage version, songs or scrip

Greatest Theatrical Comedy Performances You Have Seen  Jul 17 2020, 10:56:49 AM

The first one that comes to mind is Mark Rylance in Boeing-Boeing.

Actors With Unhealthy Singing Technique?  Jul 7 2020, 12:22:07 PM

darquegk said: "It doesn’t show much on the cast recording, but Sophia Anne Caruso’s vocal performance in “Beetlejuice” was genuinely frightening at times, moving between standard Broadway sound, pop mix and unexpected feral screams and growls. She was going to places I have never heard a teenage girl’s voice go, and sometimes it got so primal and raw that I became less impressed and more concerned."

I saw it very shortly after opening,

Susan Egan  Jun 9 2020, 09:10:13 PM
She was an exceptional Sally Bowles, and I was only thirteen when I saw her as Princess Leonide in “Triumph of Love”, but I remember thoroughly enjoying the musical and her performance.

Patti LuPone: Biggest trash talker in Hollywood  May 5 2020, 11:52:23 PM
The truth is, I find it hard to disagree with most of the statements she makes. She’s spot-on with her observations and critiques, but the difference is, if I say these things, no one would really care.

I wonder if she understands that the things she says will most likely reach the person she’s talking about. Then again, she’s probably at the point in her life and career where she’s lost all of the f***s she had to give.

Lucille Lortel Awards  May 3 2020, 11:28:29 PM
Thrilled for Donovan, Davis, and Borle. All three were so terrific in their roles.

Sienna Miller in Cabaret  May 3 2020, 09:21:11 AM
Saw the revival many times, although I was too young to have seen Natasha, and I’ve only seen clips of Sienna. Emma Stone was just phenomenal, my favorite of the bunch.

Emptiest/Smallest Audiences at Broadway shows?  Apr 29 2020, 06:28:14 PM
“Barefoot in the Park” starring Patrick Wilson and Amanda Peet. We got moved from the balcony to front mezzanine and it was quiiiiet. Jill Clayburgh was the only one who got laughs, Wilson and Peet were unfortunately directed to play it completely straight.

Oak Speaks out on great comet controversy  Apr 28 2020, 03:47:51 PM

Impossible2 said: "Well all he had to do was stand andsing as apposed to all the other Pierre's who actually played all their instruments live as well. It's not like Pierre is a massive role either, he spends most of the night sitting beside a piano watching what is going on..."

Again, no context, so I couldn't compare his musicianship to anyone else's. It's not a huge role, not that a role needs to be for a performer to excel in it, but it&#

Oak Speaks out on great comet controversy  Apr 28 2020, 11:48:32 AM

Very interesting. I saw the production with no context, and thought he was remarkable, so I'm definitely surprised.

Oak Speaks out on great comet controversy  Apr 28 2020, 10:34:11 AM

This is all very interesting, and I'm just hearing about it... I saw Oak on what I now realize was his final performance, and thought he was great. For the people who are complaining about his Pierre, what did you think he lacked?

Meryl Streep, Patti LuPone, more to perform for virtual Sondheim 90th birthday celebration  Apr 26 2020, 08:55:20 PM
I’m currently imagining dozens of the greatest stage performances of our time just sitting at their computers staring at an error message.

Lucille Lortel Awards - Nominations Announced  Apr 14 2020, 12:58:08 PM

Thrilled, but not surprised, that Emily Davis and Edmund Donovan were recognized for their performances. Some of the best stage acting I've seen in many years.

Bummed that Tammy Blanchard wasn't nominated. I thought she was fantastic, but granted, she made divisive choices with the role.

There is a decent show in there somewhere?  Apr 9 2020, 12:00:51 PM

bwayobsessed said: "I feel like I’m going to get hate for this but: Camelot. I think there’s an interesting core story and some good songs. But at this point feels dated and meandering. I think if it got a modern (feminist) revamping it could be quite good."

Totally agree.

Oak Speaks out on great comet controversy  Mar 27 2020, 03:11:50 PM

Dancingthrulife2 said: "Was he ever hired again after controversy?"

It looks like he's been a series regular on a show called Station 19 since 2018.

What’s the last show you saw on Broadway before its closing?  Mar 16 2020, 09:11:12 AM

Girl from the North Country, and The Minutes several days later.

Flying Over Sunset - Previews Thread  Mar 15 2020, 12:01:38 PM
Rumors are flying (over sunset) that Sabrina Carpenter will be taking over for Erika Henningsen, effective immediately. Coincidence? I think not.

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