Adam Driver sings Sondheim

Adam Driver sings Sondheim#1
Posted: 11/6/19 at 11:53am

Wowza. This alert from A.O. Scott's review of "Marriage Story" yesterday in the New York Times. .

"We sometimes see those two [Driver and Johansson characters] at work — there are some delicious tidbits of backstage comedy, in both New York and Los Angeles — but rarely onstage. There are two important exceptions, moments of theater that use borrowed words and self-conscious artifice to deliver strong doses of unadorned feeling. Both involve songs from Stephen Sondheim’s “Company”: “You Could Drive a Person Crazy,” a jaunty complaint about falling for a charming narcissist; and “Being Alive,” a heartfelt lament about being one. That number, sung by Driver near the end of “Marriage Story,” is an anthem of need, building to the shattering realization that “alone is alone, not alive.”"                                                                                      

As a family law attorney, I was looking forward to seeing this movie anyway, but now it takes on a whole new urgency (Boston friends, it does not open here until Nov 22, starts streaming on Netflix in early December). This should be sumpthin' given tthat I don't think there is anything Adam Driver can't do. However, never thought that anything would involve Sondheim. Not clear who sings "You Could Drive A Person Crazy.  If someone already posted about this, apologies, but I was beside myself with joy.