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Help Me Choose a Musical!!

Help Me Choose a Musical!!#1
Posted: 8/21/19 at 9:31am

Hello there!

I'm a high school theatre director, and I just recently started teaching/directing at my alma mater high school. Since my director left 4 years ago, the program sort of died. I'm resurrecting the spring musical, but I'm having trouble figuring out which one to do. 

I definitely have mostly girls interested (as of right now, I know of ONE boy even remotely interested). However, the trouble is not just finding a musical with mostly female roles. I need musical that will not only peek the interest of a small, VERY rural area, but I also need a musical that's going to make theatre look "cool" for future boys. I've thought about doing a revue, but the trouble is figuring out which one will be attractive to the audience. I need to sell tickets to help our budget. HELP!!!

Help Me Choose a Musical!!#2
Posted: 8/24/19 at 11:56pm
Hi!! I would recommend doing a “teen show” that’s based on a movie to get more kids interested. Some mostly female shows that could attract audiences are Heathers and Legally Blonde. Both are super fun and fan favorites! Heathers is a lot easier of a show dance wise (And has more diverse characters, not all Mezzo-Sopranos and Tenors) But all high school girls would love Legally Blonde. Songs like Omigod You Guys and Bend and Snap are hilarious! Hope this helps!!!!!
Help Me Choose a Musical!!#3
Posted: 8/25/19 at 11:06am
There are a couple of options for you :)
Legally Blonde- If you have lots of belters and good dancers this show will be good.
Heathers- It is very popular right now, doesnt need many dancers
Be More Chill- Many younger kids love this show and it has 2 male leads to get guys interested
Peter Pan- In all honesty you really only need one man to make this show work; you need one guy as captain hook/ mr darling. It is an easier show that features many. Many roles can have different genders (Michael-> Michelle, John-> Joanne, etc)
Matilda- You will need at least two strong guys in this show for mr wormwood and the doctor/ escapoligist. Ms trunchbull can be cast as a girl.
Wizard of Oz- Essentially any of Dorothy's friends can be cast as females. It doesn't subtract from the story.

Now for some less known shows:
Starkid is a group that writes comedy shows, they currently have 3 available for licensing.
Firebringer- A comedy about feminism in the stone age, only 2 roles that NEED to be males.
The Trail to Oregan (A parody of the oregan trail game)
Twisted (A parody of wicked starring Jafar and Jasmine)

Emma! A pop musical is a show by Broadway Licensing that includes many famous songs like girls just wanna have fun, roar, and brave. It is kind of 'girly' though.

Ruthless is a musical with all female roles I believe, you may want to look at that.
Best of luck!!!