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Golden Age question#1
Posted: 11/19/12 at 2:54pm
Does Lee Pace actually play the piano during the show?

It could have just been really good sound design, but I know he played some on Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, so he probably could handle the simpler melodies.

Could anyone tell? Or was it all stage magic?

ETA: I know it's super early in the run, but keep an eye/ear out if you go.
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Golden Age question#2
Posted: 11/27/12 at 2:24pm
Curious about this, too. I was sitting too close to be able to tell and it was bugging me.

PS I really enjoyed the play. Lorenzo Pisoni needs to be in more things.

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Chorus Member
Golden Age question#2
Posted: 12/2/12 at 12:05am
I saw if the Friday after Thanksgiving. I don't believe Pace was actually playing but my guess is that he's acting those moments brilliantly, i.e., hitting the right notes. The sound design in the play is extraordinary. Although I had quibbles with some of the pacing and some of the performances, I love the piece itself. Deeply moving and always surprising. I can't recall such a fresh approach to form in a very very long time. McNally has taken risks here and I think they paid off brilliantly. Funny of course, but a rich, sad, haunting, funny play. Nice to see McNally in such strong from. I hope they resolved the pacing issues in previews. Length was under 2 hours thirty minutes with intermission. One of the more satisfying experiences this season.