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Liza & Lorna

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Posted: 12/1/03 at 10:43am
My fav Liza movie is 1969's THE STERILE CUCKOO. I'll never forget her big scene in the phone booth talking to her Dad. Her Dad has just let her down big time & she's devistated, but trying to keep a stiff upper lip. Liza was nominated for an Oscar because of her wonderful characterization of Pookie in this scene. The film was quite daring for its times: nudity, strong language, & Liza's character was playfully sexual. I don't remember who won the Oscar that yr, but I can't imagine a better performance from anyone & sadly haven't seen her act up to this standard since. It was Alan Pakula's directing debut.

As I mentioned before, I'm a fan of both Lorna & Liza. However, I wish Lorna had the fire in her belly that Liza seems to have.

Sterile Cuckoo
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