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Rebecca Naomi Jones Nissan commercial
Started By: Jordan Levinson
53963/6/21 3:10am
Broadway By Fall?
Started By: ucjrdude902
472,2633/6/21 1:24am
Sutton Ross
Jagged Little Pill concert
Started By: ACL2006
86373/6/21 12:43am
Jordan Levinson
A Streetcar Named Desire - Prequel w/ Gillian Anderson
Started By: macbeth
113543/5/21 10:11pm
SIDE SHOW workshop audio recording from 1996
Started By: morosco
53963/5/21 6:32pm
BWay Shows That Did Not Get a Cast Recording
Started By: K-MO
381,3953/5/21 4:13pm
The Greatest Musical Theatre Voices Ever?
Started By: melissa errico fan
9910,0783/5/21 4:08pm
Most innovative theatre directors
Started By: Theatrefanboy1
248393/5/21 3:22pm
sinister teashop
"The Inheritance" footage
Started By: cliffordbradshaw2
85773/5/21 2:26pm
Have any of you listened to Bean's Spectrum?
Started By: thegreatwhisper
0493/5/21 2:26pm
Film adaptation of HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD in the works?
Started By: jacobsnchz14
32793/5/21 12:50pm
The Piano Lesson - Broadway 2022
Started By: imeldasturn
95023/5/21 9:06am
Theater Quiz for February 2021
Started By: NewYorkTheater
21383/5/21 4:47am
Carrie the Musical podcast teaser
Started By: batboysings
312,1373/4/21 11:54pm
Collect Broadway Lapel Pins? Join our new group!!
Started By: scooben1315
0663/4/21 10:57pm
Very interesting NY Times article on how Australia is handling the reopening of theatres
Started By: Islander_fan
129123/4/21 5:18pm
Kander & Ebbs The Visit
Started By: sholmes2
161,2623/4/21 3:29pm
The Official "Bad High School Productions on YouTube" Megathread
Started By: SirNotAppearing
6831,255,8053/4/21 1:40pm
Jeremy Jordon and Oklahoma
Started By: FranklinDickson2018
244,9193/4/21 7:40am
FLOYD COLLINS - Stars in the House
Started By: A Director
01333/4/21 1:14am
A Director
Entertainment Venues To Allow 33% Capacity Next Month
Started By: Jordan Catalano
211,0293/3/21 10:07pm
25 Years of Rent: Measured in Love
Started By: DramaTeach
86723/3/21 5:01pm
"A Private Investigation " from DROOD
Started By: Owen22
43943/3/21 10:32am
Leslie Odom Jr film controversy
Started By: MannPhan24601
405,3053/3/21 4:20am
Shubert Releases Plans for Cort Theatre Restoration
Started By: CT2NYC
24293/2/21 11:46pm
"I Just Can't Wait for Vaccines" LION KING Parody
Started By: CT2NYC
32323/2/21 6:05pm
Audra McDonald new musical
Started By: JaglinSays
57523/2/21 4:37pm
Sutton Ross
Theatermania's Gold Club
Started By: Caitiecait92
1610,2263/2/21 1:56pm
HAMILTON -> Las Vegas?
Started By: macbeth
217473/2/21 11:50am
Phantom to change to "re-staged" production in flagship productions?
Started By: MannPhan24601
27417,3063/2/21 11:04am
New High School Theatre Director looking for Guidance
Started By: David39
75093/2/21 10:46am
Big band/jazz/blues musicals out there?
Started By: thegreatwhisper
31753/2/21 9:58am
The Greatest Showman Broadway
Started By: Theatrefanboy1
436,9213/2/21 8:16am
RUTHLESS! The Musical (1993 Los Angeles)
Started By: morosco
97673/2/21 3:57am
2021-2022 Broadway Season (for now)
Started By: chrishuyen
463,1893/1/21 9:30pm
The memory (or lack thereof) of Tonys voters...
Started By: macbeth
261,2073/1/21 8:08pm
Need help finding sheet music!!
Started By: wheredreamsdescend
23193/1/21 6:28pm
Josh Groban - Broadway Dreamcasting
Started By: macbeth
75413/1/21 6:10pm
Sondheim and Original Assassins Cast Will Reunite for 30th Anniversary Event
Started By: Leaf Coneybear
01633/1/21 6:05pm
Leaf Coneybear
Why the Shrek hate?
Started By: thegreatwhisper
65343/1/21 5:23pm
Is Diana going to Netflix?
Started By: troynow
17163,7683/1/21 3:59pm
Happy Birthday, Bernadette Peters!
Started By: Jordan Catalano
32013/1/21 3:01pm
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Melbourne - The lights are back on at the Princess Theatre
Started By: Call_me_jorge
96773/1/21 4:44am
R+H's Cinderella starring Brandy and Whitney Houston coming to Disney+ in Europe; US soon?
Started By: jacobsnchz14
261,7952/28/21 10:53pm
Cirque goes bankrupt
Started By: blaxx
434,0512/28/21 6:48pm
LOTS of Signed (and unsigned) Playbills Going on Ebay
Started By: AdamBritten2
55142/28/21 4:47pm
Steven Spielberg's WEST SIDE STORY - News & Discussion Thread
Started By: jacobsnchz14
23519,6502/28/21 11:01am
Bette Midler done with the stage
Started By: Theatrefanboy1
181,7392/28/21 10:56am
Plays/musicals set at amusement/theme parks?
Started By: aces25
103672/28/21 6:40am
Lancaster, PA HS Cancels Hairspray due to racial stuff.
Started By: ABitOnTheSide
127862/27/21 4:24pm

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