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Steven Spielberg's WEST SIDE STORY - News & Discussion Thread
Started By: jacobsnchz14
87142,9469/20/21 9:42pm
Did Bea Arthur have plastic surgery?
Started By: Bettyboy72
1349/20/21 9:38pm
Mrs. Doubtfire is gonna get protested
Started By: rattleNwoolypenguin
601,1979/20/21 9:34pm
Hannah Waddingham
Started By: RippedMan
452,2669/20/21 9:26pm
Waitress Casting
Started By: bronx3
853,5919/20/21 9:22pm
APPLAUSE Cast Reunion 9/22
Started By: eddiecantor
0249/20/21 8:47pm
Come From Away rush/sro
Started By: Nathan Silverberg
51179/20/21 8:26pm
EVERYBODY’S TALKING ABOUT JAMIE Film To Premiere On Amazon Prime 9/17
Started By: Jordan Catalano
613,2859/20/21 8:21pm
Alexander Lamar
Unpopular theatre opinions
Started By: borlechristian
17411,3119/20/21 7:10pm
Mr Roxy
SeatGeek Refunds?
Started By: KRaser1
51289/20/21 5:49pm
Broadway Bob*
Dining between shows
Started By: LostWithoutTheater
153169/20/21 5:39pm
Anastasia tour - new cast announcement
Started By: The Distinctive Baritone
21439/20/21 4:00pm
Broadway Discounts This Weekend
Started By: Schuyler Sister
1739/20/21 3:55pm
HAMILTON at the Pantages
Started By: quizking101
1669/20/21 3:51pm
Phantom to change to "re-staged" production in flagship productions?
Started By: MannPhan24601
42527,7949/20/21 2:38pm
Actors who are not returning to their roles
Started By: AC126748
185719/20/21 2:27pm
The 74th Annual Tony Awards (2021) - News & Discussion Thread
Started By: jacobsnchz14
28118,7269/20/21 2:14pm
Assassins - CSC
Started By: Broadway Bob*
271,8349/20/21 1:40pm
Sutton Ross
Maid in Manhattan
Started By: BwayLB
273569/20/21 1:10pm
Beetlejuice and the possibility of it returning?
Started By: Lunalaaaaaaaa
2279,0379/20/21 12:44pm
Letters of Suresh - Second Stage
Started By: ClydeBarrow
42799/20/21 12:16pm
SUN & SEA? Anybody?
Started By: Skip23
62089/20/21 12:15pm
La La Land
Started By: supersam1026
329101,0339/20/21 12:10pm
Musical Master
THE MUSIC MAN Will Now Start Previews 12/20/21
Started By: Jordan Catalano
576,2689/20/21 12:08pm
DEAR EVAN HANSEN Movie Musical - News & Discussion Thread
Started By: jacobsnchz14
96931,0419/20/21 11:49am
ALW's Cinderella
Started By: macbeth
21718,8819/20/21 11:19am
Chicago the Musical Appreciation Thread
Started By: Patti LuPone FANatic
2,1631,786,6449/20/21 11:04am
Broadway Discounts
Started By: tthomas76
372,3939/20/21 10:44am
US set to let the UK & EU back in from Nov - boost for Broadway?
Started By: binau
2729/20/21 10:41am
Jordan Catalano
New WICKED Cast Replacements this month and next?
Started By: flyinghighwithwicked
535142,3669/19/21 9:08pm
SIX - Preview Thread
Started By: orph3us
44132,7479/19/21 8:16pm
Alexander Lamar
JAGGED LITTLE PILL announces reopening dates
Started By: jacobsnchz14
1095,1319/19/21 7:05pm
Hamilton in Buffalo
Started By: jkkim293
41529/19/21 6:43pm
Are They Signing At The Stage Door Of Hamilton ?
Started By: broadwayfan128
1091,1699/19/21 6:34pm
The Museum of Broadway
Started By: RaisedOnMusicals
62269/19/21 5:07pm
Reading of New Sondheim Musical with Nathan Lane and Bernadette Peters
Started By: bwayboy22
1203,7519/19/21 2:44pm
9/14/21 Reopening Nights Thread
Started By: Jordan Levinson
843,9649/19/21 1:29pm
Regina Comet Off-Broadway
Started By: nativenewyorker2
0379/19/21 12:06pm
Why Colorblind Casting Can’t Save the Classic Musical
Started By: Robbie2
88079/19/21 9:26am
Possible West End transfer?
Started By: Lunalaaaaaaaa
309339/19/21 7:01am
Annette musical on Prime
Started By: SisterGeorge
66519/19/21 4:47am
AMERICAN UTOPIA 2021-22 Thread
Started By: Jordan Levinson
94679/18/21 11:02pm
Jordan Catalano
Thankful For The Ability To Exchange
Started By: quizking101
52939/18/21 10:54pm
Audience Rewards
Started By: CPannullo
29038,8149/18/21 8:46pm
Hamilton in Dutch/German
Started By: stockholm.tom
316,3769/18/21 8:00pm
Shakespeare in the Park Returning This Summer!!!
Started By: Jordan Catalano
1107,6999/18/21 5:00pm
Started By: Jordan Levinson
161,1029/18/21 4:43pm
Three-Day Times Square Festival & Concert To Celebrate Broadway’s Reopening
Started By: Huss417
107439/18/21 4:36pm
Apple TV+ Series SCHMIGADOON! - News & Discussion Thread
Started By: jacobsnchz14
1138,6359/18/21 2:37pm
PARADISE SQUARE Opening on Broadway March 20
Started By: jacobsnchz14
261,7289/18/21 12:09am

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