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People Who Saw Shows That Now Live In Infamy, What Was Your Experience At Said Show?
Started By: Joshua Rosenthal
755,1788/9/20 10:05pm
SpotCo Sues Scott Rudin
Started By: jonah3500
272,0948/9/20 9:48pm
Ben Vereen's Son Has Died
Started By: Mr Roxy
34418/9/20 9:14pm
If The Crucible Movie Was Made Today, Who Should Star In It?
Started By: Hot Pants
92128/9/20 8:19pm
How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Tonys
Started By: macbeth
341,2418/9/20 7:51pm
BIPOC movement..Backstage IATSE local 1? Musicians 802? Stage managers? etc
Started By: massofmen
84858/9/20 6:15pm
How was Chita in NINE?
Started By: qolbinau
75088/9/20 5:30pm
Robbie Fairchild's new Floral Venture
Started By: RW3
243,5318/9/20 5:16pm
"Howard" on Disney Plus
Started By: DaveyG
251,5808/9/20 2:07pm
do roles win tony awards or do people win tony awards (probably both)
Started By: massofmen
97398/9/20 1:54pm
Tennis Fan
NEW Chuck Wagner Interview
Started By: macbeth
12018/9/20 12:47pm
Salvator Mundi Musical?
Started By: Det95
31098/9/20 12:11pm
Barter Theater at the Moon-Lite Drive In
Started By: VABWAY
0628/9/20 10:49am

Started By: Lanie J
61508/9/20 10:30am
Dreamcasting Fiddler movie
Started By: BroadwayAndSports
382,2038/9/20 4:52am
Is Diana going to Netflix?
Started By: troynow
282,4328/8/20 11:35pm
Common on Broadway
Started By: DramaTeach
56778/8/20 10:12pm
The Wild Party: Lippa vs. LaChiusa
Started By: Alex Kulak2
279018/8/20 3:48pm
Someone in a Tree2
Chicago the Musical Appreciation Thread
Started By: Patti LuPone FANatic
1,8131,772,1868/8/20 3:35pm
Patti LuPone FANatic
Discord Server?
Started By: seahag2
13978/8/20 1:49pm
Brent Carver has passed away.
Started By: disneybroadwayfan22
162,1168/8/20 1:01pm
Broadway to return in Fall 2021?
Started By: Kimbo
443,6228/8/20 10:39am
THE MUSIC MAN Has Officially Been Rescheduled For April 7th, 2021
Started By: Jordan Catalano
13810,7568/8/20 4:42am
An Italian theatre school's (literally) sanitised OKLAHOMA
Started By: Fan123
04258/8/20 1:38am
Kelli, Brian and Treat
Started By: OlBlueEyes
51,5578/7/20 10:34pm
Apple Music vs Spotify for Broadway
Started By: makeanomelette
346,5738/7/20 9:12pm
Great Gastby Musical
Started By: Damiensta
219558/7/20 7:49pm
Is the APOLLO finally going to be # 42?
Started By: troynow
423,1488/7/20 7:42pm
Leonard Soloway's Broadway
Started By: Patti LuPone FANatic
01308/7/20 5:29pm
Patti LuPone FANatic
The King and I 1996
Started By: BCfitasafiddle
238528/7/20 3:15pm
SING STREET Now Aiming To Open 2021/22
Started By: Jordan Catalano
717,1148/7/20 2:54pm
Jordan Levinson
Behind the Scenes at GODSPELL - "The whole industry needs this"
Started By: macbeth
181,0858/7/20 2:04pm
Sutton Ross
Started By: Jordan Catalano
269658/7/20 11:52am
School Girls; or, the African Mean Girls Play
Started By: ameliewormwood
306,0628/7/20 4:55am
Poll: Which play has used Zoom best?
Started By: NewYorkTheater
116668/7/20 1:42am
Started By: DAME
106688/7/20 12:31am
Musicals due for a revival
Started By: Theatrefanboy1
9112,0048/6/20 10:20pm
Broadway Bares & BCEFA!
Started By: Bwaytapper
01698/6/20 7:55pm
What do we know about the BEAUTY & THE BEAST revival?
Started By: aces25
281,6938/6/20 6:35pm
Joe West was in Rent
Started By: I Don't Know3
124948/6/20 6:23pm
Captain America the Musical?
Started By: macbeth
85948/6/20 12:40pm
The Passionate Witch
Started By: VeraCharles3
0988/6/20 12:00pm
Recent CYRANO musical to be adapted for the screen
Started By: JBroadway
124448/6/20 7:33am
Little Lotte question?
Started By: Globefan
33158/6/20 4:57am
Jessica Vosk & more Elphabas belt on Slumber Party Live!
Started By: TiMurray
11478/5/20 11:15pm
Roles synonymous with an actor BUT didn’t win the Tony
Started By: Theatrefanboy1
217678/5/20 10:03pm
Favorite Christine Daae
Started By: Globefan
422,6058/5/20 8:50pm
Started By: qolbinau
9066,8188/5/20 7:52pm
LES MISERABLES: THE 2019 STAGED CONCERT Released Digitally Today
Started By: Jordan Catalano
126328/5/20 12:34pm
Anyone got a clue about #WhatsInTheSoup actually is?
Started By: KJ4
191,8368/5/20 8:52am

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