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Phantom to change to "re-staged" production in flagship productions?
Started By: MannPhan24601
18210,2988/4/20 12:19am
Musicals due for a revival
Started By: Theatrefanboy1
7811,2218/4/20 12:16am
Great Gastby Musical
Started By: Damiensta
5798/4/20 12:08am
Favorite Christine Daae
Started By: Globefan
402,2328/3/20 11:27pm
Which movie musicals could Spielberg have done?
Started By: Globefan
173558/3/20 10:53pm
SING STREET Now Aiming To Open 2021/22
Started By: Jordan Catalano
686,3658/3/20 10:39pm
Jordan Levinson
Vanity Fair First Look at WEST SIDE STORY film
Started By: jacobsnchz14
15912,6498/3/20 10:26pm
2021 Broadway Season
Started By: chrishuyen
244,1388/3/20 9:55pm
Ralph Macchio in How To Succeed
Started By: TheGingerBreadMan
148408/3/20 8:55pm
Poll: Which play has used Zoom best?
Started By: NewYorkTheater
83018/3/20 7:41pm
BCEFA Flea Market
Started By: UnwoundFantasies
94018/3/20 7:30pm
Greatest Song of All Time From a Musical
Started By: TravisOKC
288708/3/20 6:33pm
Lots of playbills for sale!
Started By: stoptheworld38
0468/3/20 6:18pm
Live With Carnegie Hall: Audra McDonald
Started By: BCfitasafiddle
21398/3/20 4:33pm
Songs About Loss
Started By: Mr. Nowack
2315,7348/3/20 2:51pm
Alex Kulak2
Wishful Thinking- What Role Do You Want Audra To Play?
Started By: Lanie J
174288/3/20 2:09pm
Stilts Onstage
Started By: Grace2001
52358/3/20 11:41am
What do we know about the BEAUTY & THE BEAST revival?
Started By: aces25
177688/3/20 10:19am
Started By: BCfitasafiddle
308148/3/20 7:34am
Applause Revival Due
Started By: EdEval
553,9668/3/20 3:19am
A Director
“The Hours” at The Met - Renée Fleming, Kelli O’Hara, & Joyce DiDonato
Started By: bwayboy22
96638/2/20 6:59pm
The Secret Life of Bees to London
Started By: MidnightUrl
103908/2/20 6:25pm
How Do You Watch BW Videos?
Started By: EthelMae
143098/2/20 6:24pm
Disney+ developing Once on this Island film adaptation
Started By: RW3
411,3588/2/20 3:32pm
ACT will present SOUL TRAIN musical world premiere in fall 2021
Started By: jacobsnchz14
84078/2/20 1:37pm
What musical are you listening to/have listened to in quarantine?
Started By: borlechristian
271,0978/2/20 12:35pm
Lanie J
Chita in The Rose Tattoo
Started By: imeldasturn
122898/1/20 11:38pm
Salvador Mundi - the musical???
Started By: iluvtheatertrash
2318/1/20 9:43pm
Hamilton mask-up parody
Started By: TarHeelAlan
3668/1/20 5:47pm
Will broadway or west end open first
Started By: Theatrefanboy1
115108/1/20 4:03pm
Great Price For Theater Book
Started By: Mr Roxy
76598/1/20 8:37am
I am looking for songs for 4 boys. Any ideas?
Started By: Capitalism
221,7867/31/20 8:24pm
Carol Channing, or Change
THE MUSIC MAN Has Officially Been Rescheduled For April 7th, 2021
Started By: Jordan Catalano
13710,2887/31/20 7:24pm
Laura Benanti, Jelani Aladdin to lead STICK FLY Reading 8/1
Started By: Jordan Catalano
13847/31/20 6:29pm
Jordan Catalano
Theater Quiz for July 2020
Started By: NewYorkTheater
1317/31/20 6:04pm
There is a decent show in there somewhere?
Started By: Phantom of London
725,1357/31/20 5:09pm
Alan Menkin is a "real" EGOT now!
Started By: everythingtaboo
231,4957/31/20 4:24pm
Chita Live Stream Tonight
Started By: Theatrestan1
3627/31/20 3:41pm
Public Sale tickets
Started By: billkooschoir
163297/31/20 1:28pm
SOME LIKE IT HOT Musical to open on BROADWAY in 2021
Started By: TheSassySam
514,7137/30/20 9:38pm
Do you think the Phantom film should have been made earlier?
Started By: Globefan
331,6637/30/20 6:55pm
Unpopular theatre opinions
Started By: borlechristian
1638,7297/30/20 4:09pm
True Ensemble Shows
Started By: Hot Pants
148047/30/20 12:28pm
No Emmy For Patti
Started By: A Director
161,1887/30/20 12:19pm
Plays or musicals with scenes at New Year's?
Started By: aces25
145077/30/20 10:44am
Mark Waltz
Started By: bwayboy22
0167/30/20 10:12am
Randy Rainbow's Latest - "GEE, ANTHONY FAUCI!"
Started By: CT2NYC
45307/30/20 9:52am
Started By: mcsquared
0237/30/20 12:34am
For Colored Girls
Started By: troynow
181,3717/30/20 12:05am
Broadway dancer from the 1960's
Started By: Diana M Eden
0547/29/20 8:58pm
Diana M Eden

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