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Student Blog: Every Single Tony Awards, Ranked

Send this to my therapist.

Student Blog: Every Single Tony Awards, Ranked

This week, I was so sick I couldn't get out of bed. What's a neurotic theatre kid to do? Watch every Tony Awards that I could find, of course. Shout out to MsPoochSmooch.

54. 1975: Dear God.
53. 2010: Chaotic evil.
52. 1983: ...... Fun!
51. 1997: Okay, this year kinda sucked, but I love hearing from the designers! More of that!
50. 2018: How have I already forgotten this?
49. 1974: Tommy Tune and Carol Channing are the same person. I won't elaborate.
48. 2015: Sydney Lucas carries this.
47. 2014: Audra has gone six years without a win. Can we do something about that?
45. 2016: Can we at least PRETEND other musicals exist?
44. 1986: Nobody dances like that anymore.
43. 2006: mom can you pick me up i'm scared
42. 1961: Zero Mostel's toupee.
41. 1999: Revive Parade.
40. 2019: One thing about James Corden, he will give 110%
39. 2001: Ticket prices would never be the same.
38. 2008: Death, taxes, revivals of Gypsy.
37. 1992: Solid. 1985: *crickets*
36. 1969: Historically significant, remarkably boring. 6/10
35. 1981: *Saoirse Ronan voice* WOMEN-
34. 2000: Everybody say thank you Susan Stroman!
33. 1996: A VERY dramatic history lesson.
32. 2017: Justice for Groundhog Day!
31. 1988: For the record, I'm Team ITW.
30. 1989: Pure 80's goodness. Do yourself a favor and watch the Starmites performance.
29. 1971: Fun AND informative! Justice for Michael Bennett!
28. 2007: Totally [REDACTED]
27. 1980: Hugh Jackman walked so Jim Dale could fly (and by fly, I mean play the banjo).
26. 2004: I just want to thank whoever made this happen.
25. 1978: Runaways. (!!!!!!)
24. 1998: Have I said legendary too many times? I'll say it again. Legendary.
23. 1993: The 90's knew how to do a Tony Awards.
22. 1967: The first nationally televised Tonys stepped up to the flashy demands of TV.
21. 1979: It's not the Tonys without FCC censorship.
20. 1977: Swingers, santa, and Brecht.
19. 1990: Michael Jeter's speech makes me cry every single time.
18. 1970: Bring back 15 minute performances after the show has closed!
17. 1972: Insanity.
16. 1960: Completely different from we know now. Casual respect in a room full of legends.
15. 1976: A rare time when one show takes all the awards and the show is still good (unless you're Bob Fosse, of course.)
14. 1984: Never has Best Score been so controversial.
13. 1987: So many underrated performances in one show.
12. 2011: NPH saved the Tonys.
11. 1995: I like to think that every Tonys is just one big Carol Channing tribute.
10. 2005: 2005 had the RANGE.
9. 1982: Musical theatre was invented on June 6th, 1982.
8. 1991: How can you pick a winner?
7. 1973: You know what, Broadway IS universal!
6. 2009: The most chaotic good.
5. 2003: 2003 said gay rights!
4. 2012: This is where I first discovered theatre, so it's going at the top. My list.
3. 1960: Completely different from any other ceremony. Casual respect.
2. 2013: You can't not love it.
1. 1994: Legendary.

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