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Student Blogger: MC Chocolate


Student Blog: On Spielberg's Genius and More About 2021's WEST SIDE STORY
December 27, 2021

The clues that Steven Spielberg would be a brilliant musical director were there-- the beginning of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, to name one-- but the filmmaker has reserved himself for a titanic challenge: revisiting West Side Story with an extraordinary adaptation that seeks the balance between the homage to its predecessor, directed by Robert Wise in 1961, and the need for a narrative and visual modernization with a certain historical justice.

Student Blog: TICK, TICK... BOOM! is a Great Tribute to Jonathan Larson and the Show's Themes
December 27, 2021

The original musical is by Jonathan Larson, but you have to acknowledge all the style and heart that Lin-Manuel Miranda adds to his work in Netflix's tick, tick... BOOM! Clearly, this was a tribute Miranda paid to one of the songwriters who changed the Broadway industry. Rent is one of those heartbreaking and joyful stories about youth. This theme is reflected in tick, tick... BOOM! with good music, choreography and the excellent performance of Andrew Garfield. With many cameos from the Broadway industry and witty lines full of irony and emotion, TTB does a pretty good job highlighting the original stage show. It may even cause you to shed a few tears.

Student Blog: Friendly Reminder: Smile!
October 20, 2021

A smile brings many benefits, one of them is in our health. How is that possible? Simple, it releases endorphins or the 'happiness hormones' which help fight stress, improves oxygenation of the blood as the lungs expand and more air enters, also digestion improves as the diaphragm moves and facilitates the digestive process, and last but not least prolongs life up to 4 more years.