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Monica Moore

Monica Moore Monica has been involved in all facets of theatre and theatre education for 32 years.

She has worked as a professional director and this includes directing two shows at opposite ends of the country over the same time period.
"This is when I realised how small New Zealand is and how good we are at theatre as a nation."

She has seen and continues to see many theatre performances around the world including West End, Broadway to regional performances of which many have been just as slick!
?“I've seen the good, the bad, the ugly and the stunning!” – Monica Moore

Monica has also been writing and selling stage musicals and interactive theatre shows for 25 years to schools and amateur theatre groups all over the world. The extended family audience has extended into USA, Australia and the United Kingdom.
She has worked in all facets of theatre and has a special interest in the impact of theatre on the individual and society in general.

As an educator Monica used theatrical technique and form as an important learning tool and maintains that it is an excellent if not the best way to support authentic learning across the curriculum.

Monica’s work can be viewed on her website, her facebook page, join her on instagram @monicamooreproductions or subscribe to Monica Moore Productions on You Tube



BWW Review: GREASE at Harelquin PhotoBWW Review: GREASE at Harelquin
Posted: Mar. 27, 2021

BWW Feature: THAT BLOODY WOMAN - YOUTH EDITION Comes to Christchurch PhotoBWW Feature: THAT BLOODY WOMAN - YOUTH EDITION Comes to Christchurch
Posted: Apr. 4, 2021


BWW Review: ITHACA at Central Energy Trust Arena, Palmerston North PhotoBWW Review: ITHACA at Central Energy Trust Arena, Palmerston North
Posted: Dec. 9, 2020

BWW Review: GREASE at Harelquin PhotoBWW Review: GREASE at Harelquin
Posted: Mar. 27, 2021

BWW Feature: THAT BLOODY WOMAN - YOUTH EDITION Comes to Christchurch PhotoBWW Feature: THAT BLOODY WOMAN - YOUTH EDITION Comes to Christchurch
Posted: Apr. 4, 2021

BWW Review: THE SHOWS MUST GO ON at Sky City Theatre PhotoBWW Review: THE SHOWS MUST GO ON at Sky City Theatre
Posted: Oct. 22, 2020

BWW Feature: THAT BLOODY WOMAN - YOUTH EDITION Comes to Christchurch
April 4, 2021

This April sees the opportunity for a select group of young New Zealander performers aged 16 – 23 years to take part in an exciting week-long pilot workshop of Aotearoa’s own hit musical “That Bloody Woman” from Monday 26 th April – Friday 30 th April 2022, in Ōtautahi (Christchurch)

BWW Review: GREASE at Harelquin
March 27, 2021


BWW Review: ITHACA at Central Energy Trust Arena, Palmerston North
December 9, 2020

Inside the cavernous Fly Palmy Arena, Greek legend collides with space opera via Cirque de Soleil in the epic human-powered gravity and vertigo-defying Dust Palace sci-fi reset of Homer’s Odyssey. It’s an audacious live mash-up featuring elements of Star Trek, Star Wars, Red Dwarf and Guardians of the Galaxy. So what if a few details get changed, rearranged or condensed in the telling. This is outer space, man. Homer’s story – colossal though it is – is simply a means to frame Herculean feats of aerial artistry and dramatic beauty, while showcasing high-level production values on a grand theatrical scale.

BWW Review: THE SHOWS MUST GO ON at Sky City Theatre
October 22, 2020

Dave Spark and Glen Ruske are to be congratulated. Under their respective businesses Pixel and Bouncenz , together with Electro - Tech services and Hang - Up Entertainment, they have not just found a silver lining out from under COVID 19 lockdowns, they’ve found Gold! This revue style show gives the audience a taste of some 30 plus Musicals sublimely performed by six powerhouse performers from stages around the World.

BWW Review: Over My Dead Body: LITTLE BLACK BITCH at Mangere Arts Centre
March 4, 2020

This story is a sensitive one and there's some pretty dark themes running through it. Tuatara Collective are committed to an innovative arts practice that supports mental health in the arts industry for artists and audiences. A psychologist or qualified counsellor is present during all performances a?' a first in the industry and a very apt and necessary way to acknowledge the seriousness of these issues.

BWW Review: ELECTRIC BILLY T JAMES at Q Theatre Auckland
March 1, 2020

The high-voltage laughter was genuine and shockingly easy. All five nominees were exceptional and presented us with their own individualised well-crafted 'slice of life', entwined with fragments of their personal stories. Go along and see their individual shows!

BWW Review: LAST LEGS at Dolphin Theatre, Onehunga
February 23, 2020

Director Glenda Pearce is known for her attention to detail and she has successfully replicated the realism of the retirement home; highlighting the atmosphere and the experiences of the diverse characters who live there and delivering the humour.

February 20, 2020

'Shakespeare was Written by Chicks' pokes fun at poetry, prose and patriarchy- challenging, questioning and debating the authenticity of Shakespeare's literary contributions as fake news- by 'proving', using examples of strong women from history whom he ripped off,  and apparently claimed as his own talent.  

BWW Review: WINDING UP at ASB Waterfront Theatre, Auckland
February 14, 2020

The combination of Sir Roger Hall's script, director Colin McColl's skill and supreme delivery by Alison Quigan and Mark Hadlow (ONMZ) created the synergy for superb entertainment. Sir Roger Hall maybe in his 80's but he's let us all know loud and clear that he still has 'it'; in fact, this latest work is one of his best.

BWW Review: MACBETH & AS YOU LIKE IT at In The Park, The Pumphouse Theatre
February 6, 2020

The image of Shakespeare peering out, as if hidden from behind a barrier, as the choice of poster, entices and intrigues - and sets the scene for a pair of revealing performances - is he watching us, or are we watching him? Shakespeare's insights into the tortured depths of the ambitious and unscrupulous, paired by his playful reveal of pastoral romance set against the seven ages and stages, in human development.

BWW Review: LEATHER LUNGS: YAS QUEEN! at Q Theatre Auckland
February 6, 2020

With the flamboyant style of Prince and a voice as mind-blowing as Freddy, this daring deviant riffs through 'RESPECT', breezes through 'Bohemian Rhapsody', and will leave you singin' in the 'Purple Rain'. It's all the queens and kings you love to belt along to, in a hilarious cabaret romp you'll be talking about for days. Will he have a coronation, or just a corona?

BWW Review: OUR PRIDE GALA at Auckland Pride Festival
February 4, 2020

A spectacular, colourful night of exotic and extravagant Vaudevillian cabaret - this was

BWW Review: MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING at Pop-up Globe Auckland
December 16, 2019

Opening night of the second play of the Pop-Up Globe's Summer Season of Love - and it's a playful, laughter-filled, exuberant, Polynesian-tinged romp. The slapstick farce of Dogberry and Verges' pre-show action makes immediate and direct connection with the audience. Already, we know there will be no moments lacking lively audience interaction. 'Much Ado about Nothing' is filled with a range of comedic layers- the wit, the intellectual banter, the farce, the clowning, the slapstick, the sexual innuendo. The festive tone (so appropriate for the festive season) is secured in the opening moments as the characters explode on to the stage for the first of many dance sequences. The audience is in for a treat - and they know it.

BWW Review: THE ADDAMS FAMILY at ASB Waterfront Theatre, Auckland
December 14, 2019

The opening night audience was enthralled from the first notes of the band to the last at Auckland Performing Arts Academy's 'The Addams Family'.

BWW Review: ROMEO AND JULIET at Pop-up Globe Auckland
December 14, 2019

BWW Review: A CHRISTMAS STORY - THE MUSICAL At Cole Theatre, Waipuna Hotel, Auckland
December 11, 2019

Is there anything better than family and the anticipation of Christmas as December's end draws closer? That is the question we were delighted to answer at the opening night of 'A Christmas Story the Musical'. And it is a resounding 'No'. With all the negativity in the world at the moment it was lovely to have a night to sit back, relax and be transported to a time where childlike innocence and family values were paramount.

November 22, 2019

Want to see a heart-warming, unexpectedly clever spoof? Commissioned and developed by Silo Theatre with funding assistance of Creative New Zealand and Silo Theatre's Patron Donors, the 'Bollywood' spaghetti western is a superb mix of light and breezy, with an undercurrent of serious political and media commentary.

BWW Review: DAD'S ARMY at Off Broadway Theatre Papakura, Auckland Auckland
November 19, 2019

Self-appointed Captain Mainwaring, the pompous bank manager, is created with true authenticity by Bradley Pope in his first major role, and it is testament to his outstanding commitment that he cut off his thick head of hair to become Mainwaring's double.

BWW Review: THE FLINT ST NATIVITY at Dolphin Theatre Onehunga, Auckland
November 10, 2019

What a concept - who does not remember the naked ambition, the competition, the betrayal, bribery and jealously in the Primary School classroom to secure a plumb role in the annual Christmas Nativity play! We can instantly relate and regress several, if not many decades.As Playwright Tim Firth says, this life lesson, experienced by all, prepares us for one of the toughest issues we will ever have to face as adults: 'The part you end up with in life may not be the part you deserve.'

BWW Review: THE GAME'S AFOOT at Howick Little Theatre, Auckland
November 10, 2019

For fans of Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes and period comedic farce, this play will entirely engage, delight, and entertain. Intelligently and creatively directed by Andrew Gordon, it provides everything you love about live theatre: extravagant characters with underlying motives, a mystery thriller with many characters who could 'have done it', superb comic timing, an eerie atmosphere conveyed through creative lighting and sound, authentic costumes, dramatic irony, and a clearly articulated Sherlock Holmes style.

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