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Guest Blogger: Meggie Cansler

Guest Blogger: Meggie Cansler Meggie Cansler (Wicked, The Apple Tree, & Finnian's Rainbow - Broadway) - Meggie has performed on Broadway: The Apple Tree, Finian's Rainbow, and Wicked. Tours: Wicked (Galinda u/s) and Miss Saigon (Ellen). Off Broadway: Lucky Guy (Wanda/Chicky cover). TV: The Carrie Diaries. Film: When Sunny Gets Blue (32) Regional: World premiere of the Broadway bound "Somewhere in Time" in Portland, OR. Recently Meggie has been the "promotional Carole King" promoting the "Beautiful" tour. She holds a BFA from CCM. She is so grateful to be back with TTC!



BWW Blog: Meggie Cansler and Casey Hebbel - Final Season Wrap Up
September 20, 2016

Here we are… 4 amazing concerts, nearly 90 artists from across the country, over 300 volunteers, and too many magical moments to count later, and we have reached the end of our FIFTH season of Broadway Under the Stars!!

BWW Blog: Meggie Cansler - The Final Weekend
September 12, 2016

It's the final weekend of Broadway Under the Stars for 2016! Let's check in with Transcendence Artist Meggie Cansler...

BWW Blog: Meggie Cansler - The Wine Country Speakeasy and More
August 26, 2016

Transcendence Theatre Company had an INCREDIBLE week!! We closed DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY and also held a special and NEW experience, the Wine Country Speakeasy.

BWW Blog: Meggie Cansler - #WellLivedDays
August 11, 2016

At Transcendence Theatre Company we always talk about our #WellLivedDays because we do a LOT of living!

BWW Blog: Meggie Cansler - Inspire to Change the World
July 15, 2016

Transcendence Theatre Company is more than just a night at the theatre. Our Mission is 'to create transcendent experiences that inspire others to go beyond the usual limits and change the world in extraordinary ways.'

BWW Blog: Meggie Cansler - The Summer is in Full Swing
July 1, 2016

The summer is in FULL SWING at Transcendence Theatre Company! Guest blogger and Transcendence Artist Meggie Cansler is back to give you the low down on the latest…

BWW Blog: Meggie Cansler - THIS MAGIC MOMENT is Ready For an Audience!
June 16, 2016

Hello readers!

BWW Blog: Meggie Cansler of Transcendence Theatre's 'Rhythm of Life' - I'm Changing
September 8, 2015

How is it late August already? Kids have already had their first day of school and we have closed our third concert, 'Rhythm of Life'! That is BANANA BOATS! (Cansler speak for nuts!) The community here in Sonoma Valley went nuts for this show. It was a variety show that surprised you with every number. One minute you had a sexy fosse style number, then a lyrical dance to 'Fields of Gold' (danced and choreographed by Amanda Lehmen and Dylan Smith and such by Leslie MacDonnel and Stephen Stubbins)...oh, and can we talk about the fact that I have always thought it was among the fields of BALI??? Barley makes so much more sense. Great job, Meggie! That got the ladies dressing room laughing... There were other stand out numbers packed with energy where there was no dancing at all. My brained was tried and tested with learning a Pointer Sisters duet called 'Cloudburst'. It has so many lyrics and we sing it at lightening speed. It was a quartet of fierce ladies and we practiced every free minute we got... to the point where if you didn't know we were rehearsing, we looked like we were talking to ourselves like crazy people. You know how people look when you don't realize they have a bluetooth in their ear?? Well, picture that and fast forward it 3x and that is what we looked like on any free moment in rehearsal to make sure we got these lyrics out of our mouths! The pay off was awesome! I felt so proud that we did. Seriously, download this song and see what I am talking about!

BWW Blog: Meggie Cansler - Superheroes in Love and Fantastical Family Night Rehearsals
August 1, 2015

As one glorious concert ends, another rehearsal process has begun in full swing! Our cast of 'Fantastical Family Fun Night' has been at it rehearsing all week! This show has some goodies in it such as a fantastic tap routine to Step in Time, a groovy Jackson Five Medley, and I get to sing some Disney! Heaven! The arrangement is 'When you Wish Upon a Star' as a quartet which I think will be so beautiful under the stars in Jack London State Park. I also love the chance to have an excuse to sing to the stars and make my own wishes for things to come. When is the last time you wished on a star? In New York City, you never see any stars. Sonoma's night skies glitter nightly.