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David Friscic

David Friscic

David has always had a passionate interest in the arts from acting in professional dinner theatre and community theatre to reviewing film and local theatre in college.  He is thrilled to be working with Broadway World as a reviewer.   

An enthusiastic interest in writing has shown itself in a BA in English/Education and an MA with honors in English Literature. He also studied Theology at the Catholic University of America and taught English in elementary and middle schools for several years.

David has recently retired from a very challenging thirty-year career at the National Science Foundation as a Technical Information Specialist in the Office of the Polar Programs.  Duties included the opportunity to go to Antarctica twice and Greenland once in support of the research community.   

David lives in Bethesda, MD and has taken courses at the Writer’s Center of Bethesda.  He has served on committees at his condominium community. 

David enjoys swimming, traveling and reading. David’s primary interest, however, is the arts and all it encompasses including opera, symphony, dance, cabaret, concerts, plays and musicals.  He counts meeting Lillian Gish, Glenda Jackson, Liv Ullmann, Liza Minnelli, Lily Tomlin, Sophia Loren, Maureen Stapleton, Alan Cumming, Geraldine Page and Sandy Dennis as some of the more exciting encounters of his life. 


Review: NINE NIGHT at Round House Theatre
September 22, 2022

Past secrets and traditions are remembered, present feelings and resentments are exposed, and future plans collide when the death of a beloved matriarch (of a Jamaican -British family) shatters the strictures of daily life for the celebration of Nine Night (a celebration of family/friends, food, and music for the departed).

September 19, 2022

Revoltosa—The Troublemaker , now playing at GALA Hispanic Theatre ---is a compelling and lyrical “slice of life” with multiple layers of interest for just about any thinking and feeling human being who is willing to entertain the idea that life is full of mystery, contradictions and certain universal elemental truths about human nature.  This highly amusing (and often moving) yet insightful production (sub-titled as “Variations on the 1897 zarzuela for today”) is given a zesty and comically on-target interpretation by a committed ensemble under the Direction of José Luis Arellano.

Review: THE OUTSIDER at Keegan Theatre
August 30, 2022

The Outsider by Paul Slade Smith, now playing at the Keegan Theatre, is a skewering send-up of all the shenanigans that polls, pollsters, and the media are involved in.  Laughs aplenty ensue as a governor must resign and a decidedly “outsider” type of candidate, Ned Newley (played by a perfectly cast Zach Brewster-Geisz), is thrust into the spotlight without any of the political and media-savvy intuition that politicos believe are so necessary to appeal to the voters.  Soon the tables are turned, and the outsider becomes the darling of the media due to his unerring honesty and complete lack of guile.

Review: MY SON THE WAITER at Theater J
August 9, 2022

One-person shows have long been a hallmark of the entertainment world and My Son, The Waiter --now playing at Theater J (the Edlavitch Jewish Community Center of Washington, DC) –continues the trend. This show is a pleasing mix of banter, anecdotes, and warmth. The world of the one-man show is alive and well.

Review: SIX at National Theatre
July 17, 2022

Misogyny and patriarchy in Tudor history (Tudor Dynasty) in all its perfidy, comes to life as the six wives of Henry VIII come to musical life ---bloodied but unbowed in the much-ballyhooed musical SIX now playing at the National Theatre.  Two university students, Toby Marlow, and Lucy Moss conceived the intriguing book, music and lyrics for this multi-layered musical that speaks to any demographic. The music and lyrics jump out at you with snappy, rollicking, cutting-edge songs that are given “diva-esque” renditions by the six actresses playing the roles of the wives of Henry VIII. The stage at the National explodes in a riot of music, “out of the stratosphere” energy, and vibrant, pulsating lights and costumes---all compressed within eighty high-energy minutes. 

July 9, 2022

When a phenomenal talent like Stevie Wonder comes along, everyone takes notice ---for Wonder is a genius. Genius musicianship was on display as jazzy, hip, and relevant renditions of Stevie Wonder’s music were showcased in Hotter than July by Signature Theatre’s Cabaret series. It was an evening to remember.

Review: THE HOT WING KING at Studio Theatre
July 5, 2022

The feelings and attachments of men, whether gay or straight, as they fight for self-respect and survival in a harsh world are portrayed in playwright Katori Hall’s Pulitzer-Prize winning play The Hot Wing King. The compromises, commitments, camaraderie, and fractious relationships of a non-traditional family are explored with immediacy and sophisticated insight by Ms. Hall. Like all superbly written plays, one is continually taken by surprise as the play develops and nothing is as expected. The writing here is on the caliber of playwrights Annie Baker or August Wilson.

Review: TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD at Kennedy Center
June 27, 2022

Harper Lee’s classic book To Kill A Mockingbird has a legion of fans and so does the 1962 film but it would be best to forget the source material and simply savor the theatricality of the play To Kill A Mockingbird now playing at the Kennedy Center.  Playwright Aaron Sorkin has written a stage adaptation that succeeds beautifully on its own terms. 

Review: JERSEY BOYS at the Kennedy Center
June 19, 2022

A group of streetwise guys from Jersey sing about the everyday battles of daily life that so many people can relate to in the emotionally direct and hard -hitting smash hit tour of Jersey Boys now playing at the Kennedy Center’s Eisenhower Theater.  Romance, heartache, family ties, financial woes and fractious friendships are all explored in the surging, driving beats of the catchy songs (and romantic ballads) that comprise the catalogue of the song chart hit-making group,. 

BWW Review: UNBREAKABLE performed by Gay Men's Chorus of Washington, DC at Lincoln Theatre
June 7, 2022

“You Can’t Stop the Music” as the Village People say and this might have been the mission of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, DC (GMCW) as they sang their hearts out in esteemed composer Andrew Lippa’s original work entitled Unbreakable.  This East coast premiere by Mr. Lippa (composer of the musicals The Wild Party, Big Fish, and the oratorio I am Harvey Milk) was originally planned for 2020 but thanks to the “unbreakable” GMCW spirit, this fascinating work by Mr. Lippa was finally presented at the Lincoln Theatre.

June 1, 2022

Suddenly Last Summer a terrible memory was embedded in the mind of a woman, and she must now face an assault on her brain. Her cousin, the fastidious poet Sebastian, was spending a summer to write what was to be his last poem------but I am getting ahead of myself!

May 31, 2022

The prolific, gifted, and influential artist Joni Mitchell has amassed a group of devoted followers and aficionados who have followed her genre-exploring career from folk, pop, rhythm and blues, jazz, and the romantic standards she has explored in her later years. Devotees of Ms. Mitchell often speak of the revelatory awakenings they experienced when first hearing the music of Ms. Mitchell; Joni Mitchell seems to speak directly to the inner feelings of those who respond to her complex music and her lyrics. Aside from writing her own lyrics and music, Ms. Mitchell plays several instruments and is an accomplished painter.

BWW Review: LUCKY STIFF at NextStop Theatre Company
May 23, 2022

A corpse, dogs, a heart-shaped box, and diamonds are just a few of the plot ingredients in the merry mix of mayhem and misadventure in the zany musical Lucky Stiff now being presented at the NextStop Theatre Company.  An audaciously frenetic and chaotic sense of impending disaster fills the air as a series of coincidences, mistaken identities and misconstrued intentions all collide and converge in this witty and hilarious book by Lynn Ahrens. The race to see who collects millions is the incentive for an engaging group of whacky yet endearing characters.

BWW Review: ON YOUR FEET! La Historia De Emilio Y Gloria Estefan! En Espanol! at Gala Hispanic Theatre
May 8, 2022

On Your Feet! celebrates Cuban-American pride and the need to celebrate life during both the good times and the tough times. This fascinating real-life story of Gloria Estefan and Emilio Estefan is full of bite, vigor, and vibrating energy to touch the soul and the heart. A multicultural cast lends their voices and hearts to portray what it means to be the face of America and to strive and reach the American Dream.

May 3, 2022

Topical themes rule the day at the current production at Studio Theatre’s current production John Proctor is the Villain. This is a play that has good intentions to spare, fine acting, and superb production values but never quite gels as it tries to do too much at the same time.

May 2, 2022

Four years in the making, A.I.M by Kyle Abraham presented the hour-long dance piece entitled An Untitled Love but, although it may have been “untitled” it certainly encompassed many myriad moods, feelings and styles of dance while emphasizing the need for connection in an often-broken world with humor, subtle satire, compassion, and deft timing.  Utilizing an exceptional ensemble of dancers and incorporating extremely compelling and continually surprising styles of choreography, music, lighting, and scenic design---this mesmerizing dance composition was constantly eclectic in presentation.

BWW Review: GRACE at Ford's Theatre
April 1, 2022

Billed as the “New Musical”, the musical Grace is a soulful and heart-filled affirmation of a family hanging on to hope and love as their community changes and as the future propels them onwards. This new musical now playing at Ford’s Theatre is also about letting go of the past yet still honoring it while hanging in with grit and endurance. Grace is shot through with musical numbers that grab you by the gut (gloriously eclectic music and lyrics by Nolan Williams, Jr.) and a superb cast of talent that knocks this out of the park vocally and with finely-honed acting chops.

BWW Review: PRIVATE at Mosaic Theater Company
March 28, 2022

The question of privacy and personal autonomy is a vital theme especially in these stress-filled and autocratic times but, the current offering at the Mosaic Theater Company of DC the play Private misses the mark.  Though it is commendable that this play’s themes are explored, the dramatic impact of the play never shines through.

BWW Review: SHE LOVES ME at Signature Theatre
March 10, 2022

A creamy confection drenched with a masterful book by Joe Masteroff, the classic rom com of musicals She Loves Me moves with amorous and sparkling abandon at the acclaimed Signature Theatre. A large ensemble cast delivers the goods in this superb intermingling of old-world charm and contemporary relevance. The race for romance is on and this production feels like a breezy interlude from the cares of the world thanks to the meticulous synchronization of every element of this classic musical. Under the Direction of Matthew Gardiner, professional polish and pizazz permeates every facet of this production.

BWW Review: SWAN LAKE presented by The Washington Ballet at Kennedy Center
February 14, 2022

A dream was realized as the Washington Ballet presented Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake at the Kennedy Center’s Eisenhower Theater. Julie Kent, Artistic Director and Victor Barbee, Associate Artistic Director and the entire company have given us a Swan Lake to savor. The Washington Ballet’s production of this beloved classic is performed with sensitivity and an urgent sense of dramatic passion.