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Alyssa Biederman

Alyssa Biederman is a senior journalism and political science major at Temple University with a passion for theater. Since leaving her theater career as an actress and singer behind after entering college, she now enjoys writing stories that put her Philadelphia hometown in the spotlight. After graduating in 2020, she hopes to pursue political journalism.


BWW Review: 'TIS PITY SHE'S A WHORE at Philadelphia Artists' Collective
March 30, 2019

As audience members pile in, the set up for Philly Artists' Collective's 'Tis Pity She's a Whore seems more than promising.

March 27, 2019

When the lights went up at Walnut Street Theatre's The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, my worries dissolved almost immediately. It's true, Christopher no longer narrates his own story, but his voice and all its nuances gleam through in Ryan O'Gara and Christopher Ash's artful lighting and projection design.

BWW Review: MISS SAIGON at The Academy Of Music
March 21, 2019

When you strip away the beautiful lighting, iconic helicopter, and glowing harmonies, you're left with a musical that has lost its lustre with time.

BWW Review: BOB: A LIFE IN FIVE ACTS at Azuka Theatre
March 7, 2019

Grab a glass of the house wine from the bar, sit back, relax, and enjoy Bob: A Life in Five Acts.

BWW Review: AN OAK TREE at Theatre Exile
February 21, 2019

BWW Review: OLEANNA at Walnut Street Theatre
February 6, 2019

How do you make a classic play with just two characters and one set fresh and new? Pick a relevant time, put it against a minimalist background and cast two people who would not be considered for a traditional production.

BWW Feature: Improvise your Valentine's Day
February 5, 2019

It's February 14th, you just got home from a freezing commute, and are finally able to put your feet up and relax. Your significant other walks in all gussied up. They circle around you, acting suspiciously similar to Samantha Baker in Sixteen Candles. Then you realize: it's Valentine's Day and you have nothing planned! Time to improvise.

BWW Review: AN EVENING WITH JASON ROBERT BROWN at Philadelphia Theatre Co.
January 27, 2019

Imagine rehearsing a show with a Tony Award-winning score for months, only to learn you'd have the opportunity to sing the part for the man who made it. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity became reality for Sarah Gliko and Greg Goodbrod, who play Francesca and Robert in Philadelphia Theatre Company's upcoming production of The Bridges of Madison County.

BWW Review: 74 SECONDS... TO JUDGEMENT at Arden Theatre Co.
January 26, 2019

When you hear about trials, you get the facts presented in the trial: jury selection, witness testimony, opening and closing arguments, and the verdict. What you never see, however, is what goes on when the jury is let off the record to decide the case. You can never really be sure what led those jurors to come to the verdict they did.

BWW Review: A COMEDY OF TENORS at Walnut Street Theatre
January 24, 2019

The curtain opens on a lavish hotel room, stacked with gifts and flowers. But there's lingerie on the floor, the couch cushions are astray, and a bedraggled producer is yelling about the fate of his one-night-only opera extravaganza… and that's just the start.

BWW Review: ROMEO AND JULIET at The Wilma Theater
January 19, 2019

Mercutio raps. Tybalt bumps coke. This is not your grandmother's Romeo and Juliet.

BWW Review: BONNIE AND CLYDE at 11th Hour Theatre Company
January 11, 2019

"Everyone's got dreams, but I've got plans," a line from Eleventh Hour Theatre Company's Bonnie and Clyde, rings almost ironically true.

BWW Review: COMPLETENESS at Theatre Exile
December 17, 2018

For the first ten minutes of Completeness at Theatre Exile, I was bored out of my mind. "Oh god, these next two hours are going to suck," I thought. Despite my initial distaste, as the play unraveled I was faced with a beautiful presentation of the universal human experience.

BWW Review: MATILDA at Walnut Street Theatre
December 14, 2018

At Walnut Street Theatre's Matilda, revolting children will steal your heart and more importantly, your respect.

BWW Review: A DOLL'S HOUSE PART 2 at Arden Theatre Co.
December 7, 2018

Bold choices. Beautiful staging. This is Arden Theatre Company's production of A Doll's House Part 2.