Aliya Al-Hassan

Aliya Al-Hassan


BWW Review: DR JEKYLL & MR HYDE, Rose TheatreBWW Review: DR JEKYLL & MR HYDE, Rose Theatre
Posted: Feb. 15, 2018

BWW Review: THE JUNGLE BOOK, Richmond TheatreBWW Review: THE JUNGLE BOOK, Richmond Theatre
Posted: Feb. 8, 2018

BWW Review: IOLANTHE, London ColiseumBWW Review: IOLANTHE, London Coliseum
Posted: Feb. 18, 2018

BWW Review: LADY WINDERMERE'S FAN, Vaudeville TheatreBWW Review: LADY WINDERMERE'S FAN, Vaudeville Theatre
Posted: Jan. 24, 2018


BWW Review: THE ADDAMS FAMILY, New Wimbledon TheatreBWW Review: THE ADDAMS FAMILY, New Wimbledon Theatre
Posted: May. 17, 2017

BWW Review: THE BEST MAN, Richmond TheatreBWW Review: THE BEST MAN, Richmond Theatre
Posted: Oct. 3, 2017

BWW Review: OLIVER TWIST, Regent's Park Open Air TheatreBWW Review: OLIVER TWIST, Regent's Park Open Air Theatre
Posted: Jul. 24, 2017

BWW Review: FOOTLOOSE, Richmond TheatreBWW Review: FOOTLOOSE, Richmond Theatre
Posted: May. 16, 2017

BWW Review: AN OCTOROON, Orange Tree TheatreBWW Review: AN OCTOROON, Orange Tree Theatre
Posted: May. 25, 2017

BWW Review: IOLANTHE, London ColiseumBWW Review: IOLANTHE, London Coliseum
February 18, 2018

Originally intended as a stinging satire on Victorian politics and the House of Lords in particular, Gilbert and Sullivan's supremely silly comic opera Iolanthe is in fine form as it returns to the Coliseum. The story is of the eponymous fairy Iolanthe, banished from fairyland as she married a mortal. Her son Strephon wants to marry Phyllis, but all the members of the House of Peers wants to marry Phyllis as well. When Phyllis suspects Strephon of being unfaithful, she sets off a huge confrontation between the fairies and the peers.

BWW Review: DR JEKYLL & MR HYDE, Rose TheatreBWW Review: DR JEKYLL & MR HYDE, Rose Theatre
February 15, 2018

Robert Louis Stevenson's gothic thriller has had such an impact on the public psyche that a reference to 'Jekyll and Hyde' is universally known as referring to a person with a dual personality. An adaptation at Kingston's Rose Theatre attempts to convey the dark horror of the story where upright Dr Jekyll's secret experiments split his personality in two and reveal the murderous Mr Hyde. Unfortunately, the shocking impact of the story is lost in this overly long and un-engaging adaptation.

BWW Review: THE JUNGLE BOOK, Richmond TheatreBWW Review: THE JUNGLE BOOK, Richmond Theatre
February 8, 2018

For many people, theirfirst introduction to The Jungle Book is the Disney film of the same name. This new adaptation from Olivier award winner Jessica Swale deserves the effort of disassociation, as it rewards in numerous ways. Swale has adapted Rudyard Kipling's beloved story of the boy Mowgli being raised by wolves in the jungle into a modern, relevant and hugely entertaining show.

BWW Review: LADY WINDERMERE'S FAN, Vaudeville TheatreBWW Review: LADY WINDERMERE'S FAN, Vaudeville Theatre
January 24, 2018

Sex, equality, morality and fidelity are all issues currently in the forefront of many people's minds. As part of a year-long celebration of Oscar Wilde, Dominic Droomgoole's Classic Spring theatre company now turn to Lady Windermere's Fan after A Woman Of No Importance. It is something of a relief to see a play that respects the serious themes of power and society's views of the morality of men and women, but yet remains gloriously funny and light hearted.

BWW Review: SWAN LAKE, Richmond TheatreBWW Review: SWAN LAKE, Richmond Theatre
January 20, 2018

Swan Lake was Tchaikovsky's first ballet, but it is arguably his best known and well loved. The bewitching and ultimately tragic story follows Prince Siegfried as meets the beautiful but cursed Odette, condemned by the evil Von Rothbart to be a swan except for a few fleeting hours a day. Only a vow of true love and fidelity will break the spell. The prince pledges his love to Odette, but later is tempted by Odile, the beautiful daughter of Von Rothbart. With the vow of fidelity broken, Siegfried rushes to find Odette dying. In despair he kills himself and the spirit of Odette is freed, so they can be united in death.

BWW Review: AMADEUS, Olivier TheatreBWW Review: AMADEUS, Olivier Theatre
January 19, 2018

Greeted by rapturous reviews in 2016, Peter Shaffer's acclaimed production of Amadeus makes a triumphant return to the National Theatre this week. The enthralling story of a fictional confessional from an Italian musician called Antonio Salieri, as he recalls his obsessional jealousy and subsequent efforts to destroy Amadeus Mozart told through extended flashbacks, has been a success since its debut in 1979. Under Michael Longhurst's careful direction, this version is an extraordinary piece of theatre.

BWW Review: THE NUTCRACKER, Richmond TheatreBWW Review: THE NUTCRACKER, Richmond Theatre
January 18, 2018

There's no doubt it feels quite strange to be seeing a ballet set at Christmas time in the middle of January. It's a similar feeling to passing a house with a tree still up in the living room window and tutting quietly. The Moscow City Ballet show no sign of festive fatigue as they bring their version of The Nutcracker to Richmond Theatre this week, as part of a nationwide tour. Despite misgivings about the time of year, the timeless tale of Clara and her Christmas eve adventures with her beloved Nutcracker is usually a delight, for no other reason than the wonderful music.

BWW Review: THE RAT PACK-LIVE FROM LAS VEGAS, Theatre Royal HaymarketBWW Review: THE RAT PACK-LIVE FROM LAS VEGAS, Theatre Royal Haymarket
January 13, 2018

The boys are back. Based on an imaginary night at the Sands Hotel, the three musical legends of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. come together to perform a show featuring banter, witty repartee and fantastic songs. Devised and directed by Mitch Sebastian, the well-known show The Rat Pack-Live From Las Vegas now returns to the Theatre Royal Haymarket, where it ran back in 2003.

BWW Review: OVO, Royal Albert HallBWW Review: OVO, Royal Albert Hall
January 11, 2018

It would be disingenuous to call Cirque Du Soleil simply a circus. The Canadian performance group are world famous and synonymous with incredible feats of physical strength and endurance. Since 2005, over two million people have witnessed these displays at the Royal Albert Hall and now the company returns to London for the UK premiere of their show OVO.

January 8, 2018

What would you do if someone or something was watching you? Adapted from the H.G. Well's short story, The Crystal Egg Live tells the story of Charley Wace, taken in by his eccentric Uncle Cave after his father disappears. When his father's body is discovered, Charley inherits the only item found with the body-a crystal egg. Uncle Cave owns a curiosity shop in London's Seven Dials and intends to sell the egg to improve life for his family, but sinister events connected to the egg threaten to plunge the whole world into great danger.

BWW Review: A CHRISTMAS CAROL, Middle Temple HallBWW Review: A CHRISTMAS CAROL, Middle Temple Hall
December 24, 2017

This Christmas there seem to be more productions of Dickens' festive tale than ever. This is the fourth revival of Antic Disposition's musical production of A Christmas Carol. Its return to the spectacular setting of the impressive Middle Temple Hall, with its breathtaking hammer-beam roof, could not be more celebratory or Dickensian. Dickens himself studied there and walking to the hall through the cobbled streets lit by gaslight is a distinctly atmospheric experience.

December 16, 2017

With the success of last year's fantastical take on The Wind in the Willows, Kingston's Rose Theatre looks to another classic this year with Alice in Winterland, a new take on Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass.

BWW Review: ALADDIN, Richmond TheatreBWW Review: ALADDIN, Richmond Theatre
December 15, 2017

To be frank, Christmas has not begun until you have seen Christopher Biggins sashaying across a stage to the Strictly Come Dancing theme tune in a fuschia pink fringed dress with giant red foam cherries for breasts.

BWW Review: NUTCRACKER, London ColiseumBWW Review: NUTCRACKER, London Coliseum
December 14, 2017

The beautiful story of Clara and her enchanted Nutcracker doll is as much a part of Christmas as carols and novelty jumpers. The pair discover a magical world where they battle with the Mouse King and take an enchanted hot air balloon rides over a snow-covered London to the land of the Sugar Plum Fairy; it is enough to make the hardest of hearts feel a little softer.

BWW Review: MISALLIANCE, Orange Tree TheatreBWW Review: MISALLIANCE, Orange Tree Theatre
December 12, 2017

Of all of Bernard Shaw's wonderful plays, it seems a brave and slightly odd choice for the Orange Tree theatre to choose to revive Misalliance. When the play premiered in 1910, it was hated by critics and audiences alike for its verbose text and uneven plot. It has rarely been seen performed since and unfortunately this production shows that it is easy to see why.

November 30, 2017

There are many reasons why Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol has been adapted endlessly. A cautionary tale of debt, ghosts, meanness of spirit and salvation set in a snowy Victorian Christmas is irresistible to directors and theatregoers alike. This year the Old Vic has taken up the baton with Matthew Warchus' traditional and utterly charming take on the festive classic.

BWW Review: MARNIE, London ColiseumBWW Review: MARNIE, London Coliseum
November 19, 2017

After a season that saw some triumphant returns of classic operas, such as the magnificent revival Jonathan Miller's The Barber of Seville, the ENO has taken another gamble on bringing a brand new production to the stage of the London Coliseum. Following Two Boys in 2011, Marnie is the young composer Nico Muhly's second world premiere for ENO.

BWW Review: DEATHTRAP, Richmond TheatreBWW Review: DEATHTRAP, Richmond Theatre
November 15, 2017

The British appetite for thrillers is seemingly unquenchable. Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap has now been running for 65 years in London and detective and murder mystery stories are standard Sunday night television fare. Adam Penfold's revival of Ira Levin's 1978 Broadway hit Deathtrap is obviously intended to take advantage to that public craving for a thriller. Unfortunately, after a promising start, this production fails to either shock or thrill.

BWW Review: JAMAICA INN, Tabard TheatreBWW Review: JAMAICA INN, Tabard Theatre
November 11, 2017

Daphne du Maurier is the master of Cornish gothic storytelling and ghostly intrigue. Jamaica Inn is her 1936 novel; a haunting tale set in Cornwall in the 1800s. Following the death of her mother, Mary Yellan goes to live with her downtrodden aunt Patience and bullying uncle Joss in mysterious Jamaica Inn. She soon discovers mysterious goings on in the dead of night and deadly events taking place on the Cornish coast, which draw her in to a dark and ghostly world of murder and theft.

BWW Review: RULES FOR LIVING, Rose TheatreBWW Review: RULES FOR LIVING, Rose Theatre
November 9, 2017

With the release of the Christmas advert from Marks And Spencer, we can all rest assured that the festive season is drawing ever near. Sam Holcroft's well received play, Rules For Living, gets its first revival at Kingston's Rose after a 2015 run at The National Theatre and serves as a timely reminder of just how stressful a traditional family Christmas can become.