Review: THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA at Raimund Theater

UNMASKED! This is the Cast for the upcoming Production!

By: Nov. 21, 2023
Review: THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA at Raimund Theater

A well-kept secret, well, that's what the Phantom is known for, is now unveiled.

Christian Struppek presented the chosen ones for the upcoming production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's (refurbished) PHANTOM OF THE OPERA VERSION.

Anton Zetterholm, Germany's first TARZAN back in the day, will take on the famous mask and face the challenge of playing such an iconic part.
Lisanne Clémence Veeneman is making her Vienna debut as the leading soprano, Christine Daeé. Back on stage, a familiar face,  Roy Goldman, is staring as Raoul and also covering the leading part. (the show's tradition is kept alive and going)

Review: THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA at Raimund Theater
Patricia Nessy, Milica Jovanović,Anton Zetterholm, Lisanne Clémence Veeneman, Christian Struppeck, Laura May Croucher, Rob Pelzer and Thomas Sigwald ©Stefanie J. Steindl

Other principals are Rob Pelzer as Monsieur André, Thomas Sigwald as Monsieur Firmin, Milica Jovanović as Carlotta Giudicelli, Patrica Nessey as Madame Giry, Laura May Croucher as her daughter Meg Giry and Craig Castigliona as Ubaldo Piangi.

The Phantom Curtain will rise in March 2024 for this new production. Apart from the cast, the VBW-Orchestra will play a considerable part because Andrew Lloyd Webber's score demands a real orchestra in the pit.
Rebecca is passing over its home, the Raimund Theater, to the next gothic musical.
The show's opening in Vienna will mark the very first German production of this new version. Let's see if the Opera ghost is still as magical.

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