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Stockholm at The MC Showroom at The MC Showroom




The MC Showroom

Level 1, 48 Clifton Street

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News About Stockholm at The MC Showroom at The MC Showroom

New Melbourne Theatre Company Explores The Toxicity Of Love In New Play From Celebrated Uk Playwright Bryony Lavery
November 17, 2019

Stockholm syndrome usually brings to mind hostage situations, such as the Swedish bank heist in the 70s or the horrific tale of Australian woman Natascha Kampusch. But what if Stockholm syndrome was played out at home, between people that love each other? What happens when romantic phrases like a?oeyou are my worlda?? or a?oeI need youa?? become literal? These are the questions explored in the visceral play Stockholm by award-winning UK playwright Bryony Lavery. The playwright has united with new independent theatre company, ET TU THEATRE to bring this gripping production to the MC Showroom in Prahran this month.

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