Video: The Kid Critics Learn the Power of Friendship at THE VANISHING ELEPHANT

What did our Kid Critics think of The Vanishing Elephant? Find out!

By: Oct. 26, 2023

It's not hard to stumble across an excess of reviews for any given show these days, but there is a group of theatre-goers that is wildly underrepresented when it comes to opinions on Broadway- kids! BroadwayWorld continues Kid Critics, a series that gives parents and children alike a kid's perspective on Broadway's hottest shows.

We are continuing the series with Evangeline (10), Lilah (8), and Tess (9), who recently headed to the New Victory Theatre to check out The Vanishing Elephant. Curious about what they thought of the show? Find out below!

Inspired by the famous ‘vanishing elephant’ trick performed by Harry Houdini in NYC in 1918, this moving story of friendship highlights Cahoots’ distinctive theatrical style, combining the visual potential of theater with the age-old popularity of magic and illusion. Featuring elephant puppets that grow from tot to teen to towering adult, this jumbo journey follows Jenny the elephant as she is captured and taken from India to America, far from her family and her forever friend, Opu.