Video: The Kid Critics Believe in Magic at EL MAGO POP

What did our Kid Critics think of El Mago Pop? Find out!

By: Aug. 23, 2023
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BroadwayWorld's Kid Critics is back for a new season! It's not hard to stumble across an excess of reviews for any given show these days, but there is a group of theatre-goers that is wildly underrepresented when it comes to opinions on Broadway- kids! BroadwayWorld continues Kid Critics, a series that gives parents and children alike a kid's perspective on Broadway's hottest shows.

We are continuing the series with Vivi (11), Lilah (8), and Lennon (9), who recently headed to the Ethel Barrymore Theatre to check out El Mago Pop. Curious about what they thought of the show? Find out below!

Inspired by the idea of challenging the limits of the impossible, El Mago Pop takes a journey through the extraordinary. Through a show defined by surprise, fantasy, sensibility, rhythm and emotion, the audience experience Antonio Diaz’s close-up magic and his most unusual & spectacular illusions. El Mago Pop is a tribute to life and to the hope it instills in us. At its core, El Mago Pop is an existential reminder of all those dreams and illusions that awakened our consciousness in the earliest stages of our lives, so that we never forget who we are.