VOICE OVER: NBC's The Voice Season 3 Week 2 Concludes With Serious Talent!


According to NBC, The Voice is a show, "Where our coaches push buttons strictly on voice alone," which makes this a talent show unlike others. Tonight, week two of The Voice continued with an hour of a plethora of amazing singing, emotional reactions, and the usual crazy fun from the coaches. Contestants put everything on the line for Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton.

The evening began with single mother Trevanne Howell following an enduring dream, conscious of the fact that not everyone waits so long to pursue it, but she said, "Single moms can have dreams too!" She performed a difficult Whitney Houston song, and Christina looked like she was about to push the button. You could see the thought process on her face as her hand hovered over the red button, and she moved it away as the song ended. She told Trevanne, who got no coaches to turn around, "You had some great runs... You did a really great job."

Next was Collin McCloughlin who told The Voice host Carson Daly that he realized that he wanted to be a singer while he was enrolled at NYU trying to become the first in his family to go to grad school. Though he was only a year away from completion, he dropped out to pursue his dream. He said he auditioned for The Voice to, "find out who I am as an artist. It's now or never." Accompanying himself on the guitar, Collin sang Cat Stevens's "Wild World." It didn't take long for all three of the male coaches to push their red button for this amazing singer and start vying for him to choose them. Blake was, "sold on you from the second you started singing," and Adam called Collin one of the purest singers he had ever heard on the show. After a little deliberation, Collin chose to go with Team Adam. Blake was bitter about not getting picked for that one because he, "Really wanted that mellow sound. I'm a country artist, for God's sake!"

17-year-old Joselyn Rivera was, as her mother called her, a survivor. Born with neurological deficiencies, Joselyn seemed developmentally behind her friends when she was five years old and still barely talking. The doctor literally prescribed music and singing, and that changed everything. She said she wanted to audition for The Voice because, "music saved me, and it can be therapy for others. Now this is my time to shine." Fittingly, she sang Kelly Clarkson's powerhouse hit, "Stronger." After much hesitation, Christina pushed her red button, followed later by Blake. Having been rejected already earlier in the evening, Blake playfully tried to sway Joselyn away from Christina, saying, "Christina has been known to abuse people. There have been people who quit singing just because of her." In this case, banter did not win him a mentee. Joselyn chose an excited Christina as her coach.

Tonight, The Voice had its first racecar driver on the show. Benji moved to California to chase his original ambition of being a racecar driver, but realized that he wanted to be a singer the rest of his life instead of spending a fortune on racing. He told Carson, "If music is in the future, this is what has to happen. I'm gonna go out there, and I'm gonna kill it." Adam and Cee Lo turned around within thirty seconds of this guy's rendition of Guns 'n' Roses's "Knock Knockin' on Heaven's Door." Cee Lo was, "at a loss for words," while Adam verbosely overflowed with praise, saying, "You had range! You could wind up winning this thing; you're that special. You're awesome!" Christina said she heard a little bit of Adam in Benji's voice. In light of that, it was not a surprise when Adam won yet another team member. About gaining Benji for the team, Adam excitedly said, "I cannot wait!"

NBC showed brief clips of three more people who made Team Cee Lo: Todd Kessler, to whom Cee Lo said, "You'd work perfectly for me," Ben Taub, who chose Cee Lo over Blake, and Emily Bearle who nailed Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire."

Lorrainne Ferro, a 52-year-old voice and songwriting coach who had taught for songwriter's hall of fame, was absolutely bubbling over with enthusiasm. Intermixed with screams and giggles of joy, Lorraine said, "I'm so excited I can't even contain myself, ever since the first time I saw the show, I was like, THAT IS MY SHOW! It's never too late. I am so ready! Bring it on! Just bring it on!" Unfrotunately, her level of talent was not as high as that of her desire to be on the show. She sang "Skyscraper" by Demi Lovato, but no one turned around. Despite that, she told the coaches, "Who's happier than me?! This is amazing! This is amazing!"

The last singer of the night was a man who had long since realized the fragility of life having lost both of his parents to disease when he was very young. Mycle Wastman, now age 40, spent much of his life trying to figure out what he really wanted to do. After trying numerous professions including military, engineering, and construction, he reportedly discovered, "The only thing that really made me happy was music." He warned Carson that when singing, he sounded nothing like he looked. And he was not joking. He performed an immensely soulful "Let's Stay Together," which garnered attention almost immediately from Cee Lo, Adam, and Blake. Wanting desperately to mentor this up-and-coming soul singer, Cee Lo said, "You've got the whole spectrum!... And, right now in 2012, nobody does soul music better than Cee Lo Green." Adam said, "I have a weakness for that song. You did such an incredible, incredible job," and Blake went with a simple, but powerful sentiment, "You are the best artist we've heard today. That's a fact." But yet again, Blake was rejected. Mycle decided to go with the self-proclaimed best soul coach out there- Cee Lo Green.

So at the night's conclusion, Team Cee Lo got four new members, making a grand total of 11. Adam added two, giving 11 total to Team Adam, adding one, Team Christina stands at ten members, and to the obvious disappointment of the country singer, Team Blake gained no members, leaving him at seven mentees.

A frustrated Blake resolved to step up his game. "I'm feeling a little 'losery' when it comes to button-pushes and the number of people choosing me. I think i need to get more cut-throat."

That's all for week two! You can download your favorites from tonight's performances at www.iTunes.com/thevoice. Keep up with The Voice through the week on Twitter: @NBCTheVoice.

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