VIDEO: Patty Murin Reveals Her Method to 'De-Princess'

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Patti Murin stops by Rachael Ray's daytime talk show, The Rachael Ray Show, tomorrow, November 30 - and she's chatting with Rach about how she "de-princesses" during a day off!

Watch the interview below!

"When you have a day off...when you're not living the princess life, how do you de-princess?" Rachael asks.

Patti didn't miss a beat: "Wine!"

They also chat about one of Patti's favorite non-theater activities: Goat yoga!

"There's not a lot of yoga that happens, because you're like, 'Look at the goats!' But the goats also are not terribly interested in you; they kind of just want to chill out," she explains.

Patti and Rachael also chat about her past princess roles, and about the satisfaction of taking a bow every night in "Frozen": "It is a lot of hard work for all of us....but there is nothing like the feeling at the end of the show when you get to come out and take your bow. I don't think I've ever enjoyed taking a bow as much as I do with this one."

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